Calling the UN Bluff

The Iranian parliament has approved the outline of a bill that would bar UN inspectors from its nuclear sites if the UN refers Iran to the Security Council for sanctions. In a vote, 183 of 197 Iranian MPs backed the proposals, four days before the International Atomic Energy Agency is due to decide whether to refer Iran to the Security Council over its secretive nuclear program.

The atomic agency passed a resolution in September and called on Iran to suspend all uranium enrichment-related activities before the IAEA meets on Thursday. The legislation must now be approved by Iran's ruling Guardian Council. Analysts expected this to happen today.

The Iranians have seen what happened next door in Iraq, Saddam invaded Kuwait, was driven back and left to his own devices, he played games with the UN inspectors, thumbed his nose at the international community, threatened death and mayhem, supported terrorists, butchered hundreds of thousands, profited from the oil for food program, and what happened.

Was it 10 or 12 years, that it took the international community to decide that it still could not decide, an angry Texan decided enough is enough, the US threatened war, millions around the world protested against the war but insisted they did not support Saddam with a straight face. The Iranians need only tune into CNN or any news outlet to see the infighting still continuing in the United States and around the world, voting for the war but not supporting it (and vice versa), the regret expressed by so many because millions are free in Iraq, support for the war depending on the next suicide bombing, squealing from all sides over exit strategies, the fair treatment of terrorist vermin, and the fussing over the fair trial of a butcher.

Its pretty obvious to the Iranians, by the time someone decides to make a decision on them, the current group of leaders will be long dead and the nukes will be undergoing routine maintenance.

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