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A selection of comments from SBS in response to the question, 'Is a terrorist attack in Australia imminent?'. Reflective of the Aljazeera comment forum, it would appear that a grasp of world events has eluded the majority of commenters. Firstly, here is an excerpt from a video made by alleged number one terrorist in SE Asia, Noordin Mohammed Top.

"In a video message, a balaclava-clad man identified as Top repeatedly stabs his index finger in the air as he threatens to attack the US, Britain, Australia and Italy, countries that he says are "enemies of Islam". "Accidents and terror by mujaheddin will continue to take place as long as Western countries deploy their soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. These threats are also valid for all states that assist Bush and Blair, especially for Australia, as long as its troops are in Afghanistan and Iraq and engage in intimidation there. You will also feel our intimidation."

So, terror attacks are likely for countries that are the enemy of Islam. Western society doesn't believe it, there are other 'root causes' such as the Palestine issue(Israel), lack of employment (France),poverty (numerous Muslim countries), freedom of voice (East Timor). Yeah, right.

It's about being Dar al-Harb. Infidels in the House of War. Convert, subjugate or die. That's it. Although according to the vast majority of SBS online commenters to this question, there are other evils. Moral equivalence, thy name is STUPIDITY.

'...We have a fine example in George W Bush who goes to pray every day (he must have a god of his own) and then goes and kills people around the world ... he is no better than bin Laden and al Zarqawi! Our Sherrif Johnny followed his master and dragged us into a war based on lies and deceit. Now we are in a big mess, our civil liberties have been trampled on in a very fascist way. Our democatic rights are swiftly being pulled from under our feet ... while invading Iraq to teach them democracy... what a load of bull***! Mr Charles Attard, Sydney'

Good use of cliches. Managed to regurgitate the agitprop talking points from the last communist rally.

'We wouldn't be in such a crazy predicament if it weren't for stupid Howard joining forces with Bush and Blair. Our country would continue to be safe and secure and not a target. I blame Howard, Bush and Blair. Miss Daisy A, sydney'

Remember East Timor and Bali, you vacuous moron?

'What's next? A call for all Muslims to be locked away in concentration camps, as was done to Australian German and Japanese citizens during WWII? When will the hysteria end? Mr Brookman, Perth'

When we have locked the Muslims into the death camps. Next.

'There is absolutly no chance of a legitimate attack in Australia. That said, there is however chance of an illigitimate attack to further the cause of the government and drum up support for even more anti-terror laws which are dangerous to our freedom. Mr David Yanelli'

Incisive. Analytical. Stupid.

Yes I think a terrorist attack in Australia is possible at any time, not because as the federal Police Commissioner believes,"we are a western, liberal,democratic country". But rather, because we
are a western, liberal, democratic lapdog of the US and are currently engaged in an illegal war in Iraq.
Norway, Sweden, etc, are also western, liberal, democratic countries, so using Mr Keelty's logic, are they also inevitable targets for a future terrorist attack. Australia's greatest danger is, I believe, not here on the mainland but rather in overseas countries where our tourists, embassies, business firms etc are much softer targets and thus at far greater risk. Mr Mike Talbot'

News from Europe. 'Now, many politicians, writers and artists are considered to be in such danger that they have permanent armed guards and are driven around in bomb-proof armoured cars. The Interior Ministry has set up a special unit assessing death threats from Islamic extremists and providing protection squads'

I'd like your apology in Times Roman 12pt, double spaced, on the AFP Commissioners desk in the morning. Thanks Mike.

'We have been seriously misled by our government, justifying invasion, harsher penalties and draconian laws all in the name of anti terrorism. I prefer Noam Chomsky's approach of: "If we want to combat terrorism, don't get involved in it". Mr Montford, Sydney'

Deep thinker has cracked out Chumpsky. Lets get Mr Montford to run our national defence. We'll operate on a strategic principle of 'Not Getting Involved'. Make it happen people.

'All I have to say is that the media is making things so much harder for us scarfed women and I'm being verbally abused in the area I work, Surry Hills. Yes, arrest those terrorists and get to the bottom of it but dont make the rest of us look bad because we're not! Ms Najah Ghama, Greenacre'

Abuse will stop when your fellow Muslims stop trying to blow shit up. A simplistic but valid corollary.

'I am an Australian. My mother is Australian, my father is Australian, my grandmother and grandfather are Australian. On my mother's side of my heritage, they took part in the establishment of this land we call Australia. What has happened to the country they worked so hard for? What has happened to the freedom of democracy our men in Vietman died for? Where is the 'freedom' my grandfather's generation fought for? John Howard has taken it all. The freedom of Australians mean nothing to him, the detention of Australians mean nothing to him. I am a Muslim now. John Howard when are you coming for me?
Khadija Mrs Khadija Sheikh Omar, Melbourne'

Soon. 'Our' men in Vietnam died to prevent the spread of communism, not fundamentalist dogmatics. Church and State? Separation of? Don't understand because for a Muslim they are one and the same? I wonder how many Muslims are on Australia's list of war dead?

The Australian media play an important role in society, informing the wider public of events and happenings. The commentary to the recent terrorism raids and the continued attack on Australia's involvement in Iraq continues to confuse the issue in thousands of impressionable minds. Religious fundamentalists are attempting to strike blows against western nations, based on any number of convenient excuses, but it comes down to the infidel occupying Muslim lands, wherever this may be. Trying to link terrorist threats in Australia with Iraq is foolish. It wouldn't matter to these vermin if we were there or not. They hate us and wish us dead.

Time to stop defending our stance with words, and start defending it with action. The security raids of early November are a very good start. We could also help the cause by banning a federally funded television station devoted to keeping immigrant cultures separate from mainstream Australia. SBS.

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