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Let me start by saying, I don't feel that Van Tuong should hang for the crime that he has been found guilty off in Singapore. I feel it was good that Australia protested respectfully against his punishment to the Singaporean government and I believe John Howard and his government has done all they could to save the life of this fellow. Singaporean law is exactly that, Singaporean law, we need to respect their laws as we would expect them to respect our laws.

With no more than a few days to go before the fellow is executed, I would think, leave the family and friends of this man to themselves, let them find some peace or way to deal with it, not give them false hope and not turn their sadness into a farce and opportunity to score some cheap publicity.

But it appears the behaviour of some politicians and leaders in Australia is much like that of insolent children in the local supermarket, when mommy and daddy refuse to buy them the requested unaffordable toy, they pull their faces, sulk, throw a tantrum, shriek incoherently, moving their body parts in random directions, hoping this will make the parents budge. However this behaviour draws attention from bystanders, leading to embarrassment for the parents and is ultimately pointless. The toy cannot be bought.

Nguyen to gallows, PM to cricket: Shrieks the Sydney Morning Herald.

Prime Minister John Howard will attend the PM's XI cricket match on Friday, the day of Australian Nguyen Tuong Van's scheduled execution, and he believes Australians will understand.

These guys should be horse whipped in the city centre for printing such nonsense. Even if the Prime Minister joins these buffoons on the floor of the supermarket and refuses to attend a cricket match, Nguyen will not be spared. The fate of this man is not in the hands of John Howard, but why let some inconvenient facts get in the way of a good ol Howard smear.

"I have a job that involves many responsibilities. It wasn't my decision that the execution take place on Friday," Mr Howard told ABC radio.

Not so, squeals the opposition, who seem hell bent on remaining on the shop floor with the rest of the children. Score some political points. The world must stop, look at me, look at me!!
I mean what do they want Australia to do, send in the SAS, send a warship over there, ask the PM to punch someone in Singapore.

However, Labor senator George Campbell says that the cricket match should be called off. Senator Campbell said it was insensitive for Prime Minister John Howard to attend the match on Friday. Senator Campbell said he had heard Mr Howard's justification for attending the game, describing it as feeble.

"I think it's an outrage that the match should go ahead and if he has any support for the abolition of hanging, then he wouldn't go to the match on Friday," Senator Campbell told reporters in Canberra.

I wonder if any of this outrage and protest and tantrum throwing is displayed when a victim of drugs, overdoses and dies, when a child is born drug addicted, when a parent loses a child, or a child a parent, or when an addict commits a crime to fund his drug habit. Incase these rascals are not aware, Nguyen wasn't caught for trafficking jelly babies or M&M's, it was heroin strapped to his body.

Not to be outdone, the neighbourhood brats have joined the fray.

Australian Democrats senator Natasha Stott Despoja agreed, saying she felt sickened by the prospect that Mr Howard would attend the game on the same day that an Australian would be executed. "I call on the prime minister to call off this game," Senator Stott Despoja said.

Yes call George Bush while your at it, stop the political processes of the world, all must stop, we want to be heard, our protest must not go unheard.

But wait, wait for the loud mouth, desperately in need of Super Nanny discipline, Bob Brown, this delinquent will protest against anything and everything, now this fool wants the Prime Minister of Australia to join him and his band of merry juveniles, waving placards and wasting taxpayers money in front of the Singaporean Embassy.

With the Senate scheduled to sit this Friday, Australian Greens senator Bob Brown said he would prefer to be protesting outside the Singaporean Embassy.

"If I was him I wouldn't go, I would be making Friday a day of reflection on the barbarity of mandatory sentencing for the death penalty and the insouciance of the Singaporean prime minister and government about this whole issue."

A day of reflection he says, well some have even opened their mouths and words have been uttered, that a minute of silence be observed, and the brain was engaged thereafter.

I think they are right, we do need a day of reflection and a moment of silence, these spoilt brats that have made Australia look like a circus of monkeys need to be sent to naughty corners or steps or chairs to sit, stand or preferably squat in silence and reflect on their childish antics.

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