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Over-toothed harridan Emma Tom is busy dealing with the larger geo-political quandaries in this week's column in The Australian.

While there may be the odd lady mechanic in Grand Prix motorcycle racing, the sport's only visible ambassador-ettes are the grid girls. The job of these scantily clad crumpets is to stand incredibly still and smile incredibly tautly while holding umbrellas over the riders' heads at the starting line. They're not allowed to speak unless spoken to and they're not allowed to wear anything that didn't come in a spray can.

Grid girling makes cheerleading look like an intellectual and liberating pursuit. Well, at least cheerleaders are allowed to move. Grid chicks are little more than human umbrella stands. In fact, it's not uncommon to see riders adjust the angles of their grid girls' arms as if they were gear sticks.

In a week of high drama where the Left's favourite ragamuffins were stitched up on fabricated charges by fascist pigs, [/sarcasm] the best piece of commentary that Tom comes up with is whiny article on the lack of female motorcycle riders at the highest levels. WTF? Where's the outrage at the illegal persecution of those brave jihadis? The sneering derision of Downer? Jackboot Johnny comments? The chance to belittle and abuse the government over IR laws? It's just not the same without such quality Emma-esque opinion as the following;

Circumscribing civil rights is a police-state chestnut
"While bird flu, terrorism and the sex lives of conservative politicians are all terrifically frightening, advocates of the Government's proposed anti-terrorism legislation reckon there's something scarier than all these things put together and added to the scary number you thought of first. The uber villain they're warning us about is the rampant civil right."

Beautiful set of numbers from a confessed Marx bitch
I can't remember what changed first. Maybe it was the sneaking suspicion that I too was guilty of regurgitating unexamined polemic. Maybe it was the realisation that, despite a genuine passion for egalitarianism, I didn't have the faintest idea how economies actually worked. The crux of my case had always been terribly limited. "Bad capitalism," I'd say. "Vile, nasty, unforgivably inequitable capitalism."

Make montages, not war and feel better about terror
"While we all know the havoc that can be wreaked by giant joints, the rest of these images seem kinda innocuous. Are they a clever front for the vigilante espionage activities of patriotic Aussies or do they represent the dastardly lengths to which terrorists will go to infiltrate our homeland? Apparently the answer has something to do with a satellite, a nibbled wire fence and some fertiliser."

Numerous weeks worth of sarcasm and now, nothing but dross. It must have torn Emma up when Greg Sheridan wrote the piece on conspiracy theorists in Australian politics. If Greg had held off, or the Oz's editor perhaps not mentioned the tone of Sheridan's article, maybe we could have seen Emma's contribution to the theories abounded by intellectual luminaries such as Senators Allison, Brown, Nettle and Milne. Either way, she says more by her avoidance of the subject than if she had in fact launched into the atypical response from the harpy bitch. Emma Tom would make a good test case for the new sedition conventions. As would Terry Lane of The Age, particularly in light of HIS subtle use of conjecture and innuendo about terrorism raids and politics.

Let's be generous here. Let's assume, for the sake of argument, that the happy coincidence of the Man of Steel's need for a bogeyman and the arrest of 17 "terrorists" has genuinely foiled a bomb plot. And let's assume too that the police who have benefited from extra money and power are not cynically rewarding their political master.

I know we are talking about a Prime Minister who gave us children overboard and weapons of mass destruction and I appreciate it is not easy to give him and his underlings the benefit of the doubt in this case but hey! Just suppose that for once we are not being deceived by self-serving opportunists; what should we make of events?

So the Australian PM gave us weapons of mass destruction? Riiight. Terry is attempting to segue the actions of the Australian government sending troops to Iraq in 2003 with Muslim ideologues intent on the destruction of civil property and community members in Australia, but hey! just suppose for once that Lane can keep two thoughts in his vacuous head separate for longer than 5 seconds. For the stupider amongst you, I will spell it out.

OBL claims that Australia's role in liberating the majority Catholic East Timorese from 30 years of Indon Muslim oppression made it a target for religious jihad in 1999. This was 4 years before the Coalition went back into Iraq to enforce the numerous UN resolutions passed to ensure Saddam Hussein complied with the terms of the 1991 ceasefire, initiated after Iraqi forces were physically ejected from Kuwait.

Two separate events. Although Indonesia's annexing of East Timor was subject to numerous UN sanctions of the kind that Iraq was subject to, and yet the Left were strangely silent on this subject for a LONG time. Keating signed a secret defence pact with Indonesia's military heads endorsing their continued illegal presence in East Timor, until revoked by angry Indons for stepping on 'sovereign' territory. Clearly, Terry Lane has some interesting definitions of 'truth' and 'historical fact'.

Political and social commentators such as Lane and Tom feel compelled to provide their views within national media outlets and expect to be believed. It's time that Australians critically review the nay-sayers and hold them accountable for their words. It's not enough to blithely accuse the government of starting a fascist police state, a term which has been bandied around now by a lot of commentators, without finding that realistically, their view of the world is the minority view.

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