Lyin' Lynn

Australian Democrats, the second most useless political representatives in an elected institution recently had to make some clarifying statements in regards to recent anti-terror raids in Sydney and Melbourne. Senator Lynn Allison, this week's leader (unless Tash wants yet another crack at the title) was responsible for this piece of unbridled idiocy.

"I think it's convenient for the government to constantly keep people fearful about the terrorist threat to this country," said Democrats leader Lynn Allison.

That line was reported verbatim around the world in the BBC, Reuters, ABC News, The Age, Herald Sun, and many more.

What can read into Lynn's remarks? It seems clear that she is suspicious of the timing of the actions against religious nutbags intent on B.S.U. The raids were just one day after various commentators and political hacks accused the government of creating a police state. Senator Allison, clear up this mess. Why should the Australian public believe a word you say?

"I do not accuse the Prime Minister of orchestrating the raids nor was I speculating that he did. I clearly said that I did not have any information to suggest that this was the case. I made it clear that while some people may speculate that this timing was a little too convenient, I was not."

Some people? Lying Lynn, you win this months 'Ultimate Bullshitter' prize. You win a continued term in Parliament to be ridiculed and ignored by the majority of Australians. Another one who should quit while they are behind.

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