Delusions plus lies: Another example of the standard Leftist recipe

Below are just a few excerpts from a loony Left article that bears as little relationship to reality as possible. Reality just does not suit Leftists at all. That's why they so love censorship when they can get away with it. Note the way GWB is equated to the North Korean Communist dictator -- who is normally referred to as "The Dear Leader" in North Korean propaganda. And the poor sod writing the article seems to believe that the media are in bed with the Bush administration. Pinch Sulzberger and his "New York Times" staff would be amazed!

"Media giants have consistently concealed the Bush administration's attack on civil liberties, supported the expansion of executive power, and paved the way for global war.... Now, it is the media that crafts the storyline of American magnanimity while the US military carries out war crimes in Falluja and torture in Baghdad. It is the media that showers praise on the Dear Leader while thousands wallow in squalor in New Orleans or are bombed into submission in Tal Afar... It is fair to say that the media has assumed an adversarial role to the American people. It now functions exclusively as a weapon in the imperial arsenal...

The media refuses to provide news of the Iraq war and the devastation of Sunni heartland. Al Qaim, Husbaya, and Tel Afar have all been attacked with the same ferocity as Falluja; forcing the townspeople to flee and then destroying the water, electricity, sewage and other critical parts of the infrastructure. The Pentagon is now engaged in a scorched earth strategy knowing full well that its policy of killing journalists will keep the story from being reported."

One of my readers comments:

"I checked those "cities" and found that Al Qaim is a microscopic place on the Syrian border. Husbaya I could not identify anywhere (but there's certainly not anything sizeable in central Iraq of that name), and Tall Afar is a little place up in northern Kurdistan. Sorry but that looks like a serious conspiracy theory disproven by the facts (unless Microsoft had pre-fiddled my Encarta 2000 for this purpose)."

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