Is THIS the ultimate Greenie nuttiness?

Or his he just setting them all a good example?

"A leading Brazilian environmentalist has died after setting fire to himself during a demonstration. Francisco Anselmo de Barros was protesting on Saturday against the construction of alcohol factories in the Pantanal marsh region. He died in intensive care a day later. He had suffered burns of more than 90% after wrapping himself in a burning duvet, the authorities said.

Mr Barros had dedicated his life to fighting for the environment. As president of the Foundation for the Conservation of Nature in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, he had fought against the establishment of factories in the Pantanal basin since the early 1980s, when two were constructed there. Mr Barros argued that the burning of sugar cane would have a catastrophic effect on the area...."

(Sugarcane was burnt before harvesting every year in tropical Australia for over a century -- to protect the cane-cutters from disease and vermin -- and no-one found any problems with it. It was discontinued only when mechanical harvesters came in)

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