Stone her!

Free at last, free at last, Michelle Leslie is free at last! Praise Allah almighty, she is free at last! (apologies to Dr. King) Convicted drug user, Sydney model Michelle Leslie has been 'condemned' for her apparent false use of the hijab to garner sympathy in her Indonesian drug trial.

And Muslim groups condemned her conversion to Islam as a sham set up to elicit sympathy from Indonesian judges. "We've got no time for these pseudo-Muslims," Australian Federation of Islamic Councils president Dr Ameer Ali said yesterday. "I'd like to tell her: 'You can't have it both ways'."
Leslie's spokesman, Sean Mulcahy, said today the model had her own brand of Islam and that she "practises it as she sees fit". She is Muslim, she didn't wear anything yesterday to be disrespectful to anyone," Mr Mulcahy said.

What Ameer Ali would like to see is the whore stoned to death for being an immodest slut. The clothing issue is just one of many things that FIC President Ali would have resolved through religious edict. Expect to see 'gangs of youths' rioting in the street because the Australian Government hasn't immediately had the bitch executed for defiling Islam. Keep up the rhetoric Ali, the Australian public are slowly but surely taking note of you and other spokesheads constant drivel about your desire to return us to the Middle Age. Make sure you get that opinion in front of the morning TV as well. They all seem to be BIG fans of backward, irrational religious dipshits.

I can see a plane ticket with your name on it already.

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