Conservative disillusionment with the GOP growing

Bidinotto has a point: One excerpt: "Not a damned thing distinguishes the Republicans from the Democrats anymore...not a damned thing. "No Child Left Behind" in essence, and unconstitutionally, federalized education. The GOP-engineered federal prescription drug subsidy program for seniors was another huge and costly step toward total socialized medicine. The Administration's response to recent natural disasters -- here and abroad -- establishes the premise of federalizing all local emergencies globally, and reducing the U.S. military into becoming the logistics wing of the International Red Cross".

The Anchoress has got pretty disillusioned with the GOP too: "If your plan was to make people so disgusted with your cowardice, your disorganization and your political tone-deafness that they either stop contributing to the RNC, or they decide to just sit out the next election (because what’s the point), or they decide to vote out every stinking one of you in the next elections, because you freaking well deserve ouster for literally doing nothing constructive and squandering your majority…well…you have succeeded spectacularly! Beyond your wildest imaginings, I am sure. I can’t think of a single reason to vote to re-elect a any one of you".

The Plantation Right: "I write editorials for a conservative editorial page. After my newspaper editorialized that U.S. House Republicans should replace Majority Leader Tom DeLay with someone more concerned with ideology than partisanship, we were deluged with letters from angry Republicans. Almost all of the letters made the same argument: No real conservative would oppose Tom DeLay because of all the good he has done the GOP. Of course, 'Republican' and 'conservative' are not synonyms. Until more conservatives make clear that they understand this distinction, they are in for continued abuse from the Republican leadership."

The House of Reps backdown over drilling for oil in less than 1% of Alaska really got to me but there is an informative comment here on just how it happened.

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