Intifada - Day 13 (PG)

Wrecked bus in Paris suburb of Le Blanc-Mesnil

The French have given decided to enforce totalitarian laws aimed at crushing the rioting that has gripped the country and the politicians* by the testicles.

The French city of Amiens has become the first to impose an overnight curfew under emergency powers passed by the government to curb the rioting. The measures, which came into effect at midnight, give police extra powers and aim to stop under 16-year-olds going out unaccompanied late at night.

Now police can stop misunderstood gangs/mobs of molotov cocktail carrying persons and turn back minors, however if adults are present, they may continue on their merry way.

Other towns in and around Paris have imposed their own local curfews. As the emergency decree came into force, sporadic violence was reported for the 13th consecutive night.
The entire public transport network was shut down in the central-eastern city of Lyon after a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a train station. A gas-powered bus exploded in the suburbs of the south-western city of Bordeaux after it was hit by a Molotov cocktail.

Presumably the attackers were deemed over the age of 16 or were under adult supervision.

Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, on a visit to Toulouse, said police had reported a "fairly significant fall" in the number of violent incidents across the country by 2200 on Tuesday.

There is little left to burn. Hold on these new totalitarian laws have not pass without criticism, obviously not enough has been burned and pillaged.

Some opposition parties, and the French magistrates association, have described the measures as a danger to civil liberties.

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin said on Tuesday the restoration of law and order in those suburbs would take time and hard work.

Practising 'Allah Akbar' under the threat of fire and bashing can be stressful. Time will be need to grow beards, weasel out of the headscarf ban and learn the Koran.

"The republic is at a moment of truth," he said. "What is being questioned is the effectiveness of our integration model."

More must be sacrificed, more money, more appeasement, we must give whatever they want, the domestic burqa suppliers cannot cope with the new demand, we will have to source from our masters in the middle east, Allah Akbar.

*There is no evidence that French politicians have testicles.

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