Jews and Infidels Fair Game

Yes, according to the Palestinians, they celebrated when 9/11 happened, they celebrated when jews were killed by suicide bombs. However when, what was sent around, came around, its different all of a sudden.

In this Palestinian village, the Akhras clan mourned 17 relatives killed by a suicide bomber in Jordan — the first time Palestinians have been a target in a suicide attack.

"Oh my God, oh my God. Is it possible that Arabs are killing Arabs, Muslims killing Muslims?" asked a weeping Najah Akhras, 35, who lost two nieces.

Similar thoughts were heard over and over in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday, as Palestinians expressed outrage over suicide attacks aimed at civilians.

"Palestinians have tasted the blind violence that does not differentiate between people children, women, wedding parties, ordinary people," said Palestinian newspaper commentator Hani al-Masri.

How many have been killed by suicide bombers in Israel, and thats supposed to be justified.

This might come as a major shock to the palestinians, and who knows some muslims around the world, the terrorists in Iraq aren't murdering African Pygmies, more Iraqis (who happen to be muslim) are being slaughtered by the suicide bombers every time one of these virgin mongering jihadists decides its time to set out for paradise.

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