Rednecks? Who, us?

Muslim leader warns of 'redneck backlash'

A KEY Muslim leader has warned radical clerics to tone down their rhetoric and has voiced fears of a redneck backlash against his community.

Excellent advice, I’d say, but a little damn late, really.
President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils Dr Ameer Ali said he planned to meet with government ministers today to seek greater protection for his community.
Kidding, right? You need protection? Who’s currently under arrest on suspicion of wanting to blow the crap out of us, hmmm? Clue: it's not The Seven Dwarfs.
"I want to get more information about what has happened over the last 48 hours and secondly I also want the Government to assure my community that they will not allow the rednecks in this country to exploit this situation and create disharmony in this society," Dr Ali said. "My people are afraid that it is on occasions like this the rednecks can create havoc."

You have got to be bloody joking, Ameer? Create 'disharmony'? What the hell do you call a bomb factory, you twit? Once again, let’s have a closer look at that definition of ‘redneck’, shall we?

Traditional definition: someone who doesn’t like his or her ethnic neighbours (for example).
Suggested upgraded definition: someone who wants to blow them to pieces.

I think we need to upgrade our definition. It might also include an image guide (huge, tufty beard, man-dress, suicide belt – you get the picture).

Dr Ali said violence against Muslims was on the rise before the raids occurred in Sydney and Melbourne this week. "I come from WA and even before the raid there was one incident, I'm sure about it, where a bunch of youngsters entered a Muslim house and attacked a lady in the house and later admitted to police that they did that because they are Muslims," Dr Ali said.
Okay – case closed, then. He feels ‘sure’ there was an incident. . .once.
"So this racially motivated violence should be stopped. "The law enforcers (should) give some extra protection to the places of worship, the Muslim schools and areas where the Muslims are living in concentration so there will be more police patrols taking place so these elements can be kept out."
Would someone hand this gentleman a dictionary, please? Then he might understand what the word ‘racially’ means, in the context of someone picking on a Muslim (once - he's sure of it). That said, I entirely agree with his comments regarding an increased police presence around ‘places of worship, the Muslim schools and areas where the Muslims are living’, but maybe not for the same reasons. . .

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