Can we win?

This week Australians have had to wake up to the the realisation that the war of terror is on our shores, the plotting and hatred is no longer in Bali, it's not in faraway Iraq or London, its in our suburbs in our cities in our country.

The leftists and civil libertarians, tell us from their ivory towers, we are less likely to die from a terrorist attack, its all a cook-up by John Howard to deflect attention away from his IR reforms and police-state laws, these guys are innocent till proven guilty, fair trials, the timing of the arrests could mean this, but also mean that when you consider...

Perhaps they should sell that crap to the Jordanians.

At least 18 (50 is what i'm hearing now) people have been killed and many more injured in explosions at international hotels in the Jordanian capital, Amman, police say. The Grand Hyatt hotel, Radisson and Days Inn hotels are all said to have been hit.

Police say they suspect the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers.

Lets not kid ourselves people, it wasn't the bushmen from the Khalahari. Despite what the apologists and hand wringers tell us, we the common people are not stupid, we know who it was.

But no, say the bleeding hearts, we still cannot take a tough stance against those that hate us.

Tony Blair was defeated in the house of commons over terror laws, following the defeat MPs backed by 323 to 290 votes a Labour backbench MP's proposal to extend the detention time limit to 28 days, from the current 14 days.

...the police had told him (Tony Blair) the case for the 90-day detention proposal was "vital" and "compelling". He said people would think it was "very odd" that given the advice of the police and security services, MPs had "decided to ignore their recommendation".

Shami Chakrabarti, director of the civil rights group Liberty, said she was "heartened" that MPs had defeated the 90-day plan.

Wasn't it Margaret Thatcher who said, the enemy is within. Maybe there needs to be a London Two with another 52 dead, then perhaps the civil libertarians might see the 'flash'.

The French look like they have seen the light from the 13 nights of burning and have figured out softly softly is really ouchly ouchly now.

Interior minister Nicolas Sarkozy has ordered the expulsion of all foreigners convicted of taking part in the riots that have swept France for 13 nights.

He told parliament 120 foreigners had been found guilty of involvement and would be deported without delay.

I'm sure that is one bill the French taxpayers would be happy to pay, more good news, from Indonesia.

Malaysian bomb expert Azahari Husin, one of Asia's most wanted men, is thought to have been killed during a police raid in Indonesia. Several explosions occurred during the raid in the East Java town of Malang, national police chief Gen Sutanto said.

Police suspected Azahari died in the "suicide blast", adding that this would be confirmed by DNA tests. Azahari is believed to have built the bombs which killed more than 200 people on the tourist island of Bali in 2002.

I know, it was not proved in a court of law that he built the Bali bombs and therefore we cannot conclude he was guilty, that would be unfair.

However I will sleep better and easier at night.

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