From Insignificance to Alienation

Why is it that everywhere I go I hear the phrase "deal with the devil" as it pertains to Handsome Jack and Mr.Dithers? Let's get something straight - referring to the deal as a deal with the devil somehow gives a degree a credibility to the otherwise insignificant NDP. You can't get much more lower then the NDP on the Canadian political totem poll without completely disappearing altogether. Partisan attack-dog mumbo-jumbo on my part? Let's take a look at the numbers.

These are the NDP results in the last 10 Canadian federal elections starting with the most recent one last summer:

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If we want to average out these results of the last 10 federal elections this is what we get:

SEATS - 24

How much more insignificant can one get? The numbers don't lie. True, Handsome Jack did manage to raise the profile of his party somewhat as everyone is talking about him, including yours truly. But I would hardly consider this a good thing. All Handsome Jack really managed to accomplish was to further damage the NDP's already precarious existence in the Canadian political ecosystem. By aligning himself with the most corrupt government this nation has ever seen he has alienated many of his supporters.

It was not long ago that he himself condemned Mr. Dithers but then jumps into bed with him. By supporting the Liberal Party he, by extension, supports the corruption the Liberals participated in with respect to AdScam. One cannot condemn corruption on the one hand and support those who engaged in it on the other.

Handsome Jack should have done the honourable thing by backing the CPC's efforts to bring down the current administration then work with a Conservative government to implement the changes he wanted. Of course we all know the reason he didn't is because he is simply a lapdog of organized labour. Can you say Buzz Hargrove? (At least we know who wears the pants in that marriage)

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