Bully Tactics

Reg AlcockHow desperate have the federal Liberals become? Treasury Board President and Manitoba's senior Liberal MP Reg Alcock has publicly stated that if the Conservatives force an early vote it would cost Manitoba big time. He claims that as much as $1 billion in promised infrastructure money could be delayed or even lost altogether.

Have we suddenly resorted to threats and intimidation tactics? What an incredibly irresponsible, not to mention pathetic thing for a politician to say. Does the Honourable Mr.Alcock really believe Manitoba voters are that gullible? He talks bravely in a province where the provincial wing of the Liberal Party is practically non-existent and is actually considering dropping the the term "Liberal" from its name in an attempt to distance itself from its federal counterpart. I should think Mr.Alcock would save his act of bravado for Ontario voters as they are the ones who keep re-electing the federal Liberals - our votes out here don't make much of a difference due to our sparse population.

The Conservatives were quick to respond with the Honourable MP Vic Toews referring to Mr.Alcock's claims as "nonsense." He said,
It's just nonsense. I think that is real crass politics (to say otherwise).

I agree. What's the matter Mr.Alcock? Having a difficult time trying to defend the Liberal Party record? Can't find anything good to campaign about? I suppose one way to deflect all of the negative attention the federal Liberals have received over Adscam is to threaten voters. But it won't work. In fact, it will have an adverse effect. Despite your opinion of the voters in this province Mr.Alcock, we are not idiots and you shall soon find that out for yourself. I resent the fact you think you can bully and scare us into voting for you again.

Even if it does cost us $1 billion in lost revenue it's better than the alternative. How much money has been lost by your party and government through various scandals over the years? Our public health system is a joke with our public school system not far behind. The brave men and women who serve in our military have been treated as second class citizens by your government as they are injected in to dangerous situations with substandard equipment. I don't even want to get into the moronic federal gun registry which has eaten up huge gobs of money and has done nothing to deter crime.

No sir Mr.Alcock the voters of this province are not idiots and can see through your cheap schoolyard bully tactics. Soon, the bully will get his just rewards.

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