Hypocrisy writ large

Australian Greens rely purely on opportunistic grabs at topical issues to raise their public and political profile. The latest drivel revolves around roadworks at Gallipoli, and the effect on the sanctity of the heritage listed areas. I commend the Australian Greens for their drive to raise awareness on this issue, however, I take umbrage at the fact that this is raised 3 days before the 90th anniversary of the Gallipoli landings.

It's not enough to care about it whilst it's in the media. Where were the Greens last month? Why wasn't this an issue when the road-works were first planned? It's not like the Australian Greens don't take an interest in Defence issues. Why, there's a veritable plethora of policy here. Except, it's the ole 'Peace and Security' line. Here's a cogent, well-derived example of strategic thinking at the environmental moon-bat level.

'2.37 respond to the urgent need to develop comprehensive international peacemaking capabilities, both in new regional institutions and through a reformed UN'

Either the Greens don't understand the separate UN Peace-keeping Chapters, or they do, and are unwittingly supporting a military expansionist policy. 'Comprehensive international peacemaking capabilities' is really code for what? More troops? More weaponry? More toothless NGO agencies?

The Australian Greens are supporters of one aim alone. A de-weaponised Australian military, and the use of paper policies to prevent bad things happening to poor people. Imagine the golden sons of ANZAC encountering the hippies protesting in the streets of Sydney and Auckland, whining about the Iraq war. You'd see a new definition of 'peace and security'.

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