AdScam Breaking News

AdScam Breaking News:

Justice John Gomery has lifted the publication ban on some parts of Paul Coffin's testimony so let's go!
MONTREAL (CP) - An advertising executive told the Gomery inquiry much of his $2.7 million in sponsorship income was based in part on false bills requested by program boss Chuck Guite.

Gomery's ruling helped shed light on a lengthy trail of falsified paperwork and inflated bills for several files, including Jean Chretien's Clarity Act on Quebec separation.

Coffin singled out Guite and the bureaucrat's assistant, Huguette Tremblay, in a scheme to bill taxpayers for maximum, pre-set production fees that were paid regardless of whether his firm did any work.

He said Guite asked him to bill for hours worked even though Coffin's firm didn't keep time sheets.

Coffin, who has been charged with 18 fraud-related counts arising from the sponsorship program, testified that Tremblay's role was to press him to send in bills at the end of each fiscal year to meet his production budget. But he said the decision to create fake bills was his alone.

So we have a firm that submitted invoices for manhours but didn't actually keep any timesheets. Coffin claims that Guite told him to submit the invoices using a pre-set fee schedule regardless of whether or not his firm did any work.

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