The Sheikh O' Saudi Shizzle

Just when you thought there couldn't possibly be anything worse than Aboriginal Australian hip-hop performed by tin-eared pixies, up pops something to make it sound rythmic, rhyming and professional in comparison.

Tex from Whacking Day has brought to my attention the freestylin' fanatacism of Shaikh Terra and his posse of Pali pillocks, performing the gettin' bad wit' de Jihad radical ryhmes of Dirty Kuffar (really crap copy, only on Realplayer).

This topical tune is being heavily promoted on this website run by a UK based Saudi dissident, who claims the highly tolerant lyrics (when deciferable) and images are symbolic; here's an example of the sort of symbolism favoured by Muhummad Al-Massari and other fundie funsters from the Committee for the Defence of Legitimate Rights in Saudi Arabia:-

One of the leading ambassadors of promoting this vicious anti-Islamic agenda is Dr. Daniel Pipes [2]. His crude statements make him appear as though he is a member of some white supremacist group like the Ku Klux Klan. He is like many of the other extreme rightwing Jews that operate behind the cover of their American identity promoting Israeli interests. Their immense grip on the mass media and the popular media like the Hollywood film industry has resulted in presenting a one-sided view, stirring up a frenzy of nationalism, anti-Arab and anti-Muslims sentiments, ironically that is so reminiscent of how the Jews felt under Nazi Germany. How short is the their memory? Daniel Pipes forgetting his own abysmal history states that Dhimmitude [3] is: “…a state in which (among other features) non-Muslims dare not say anything critical about Islam and Muslims.”

If there is such a thing as Dhimmitude then Gentiletude is a reality that no one can deny. It is a giant octopus in comparison to Dhimmitude with its tentacles buried deep within every facet of society. Gentiletude usually manifests as anti-Semitism. It has even been incorporated into the US foreign policy as the White House have legislated the new global anti-Semitism monitoring law. Salah Amer, a Cairo University international law professor, called the new legislation "terror of thought", obviously designed to silence Israeli criticisms; facilitating the continuation of the Israeli State Terrorism and ethnic cleansing process in order to make way for the ‘chosen’ people of God...

They've got some charming friends as well:-

(Arundhati) Roy: War Talk is about the war, resistance, democracy, corporate
globalization, empire, racism, religious fascism, the media, and how
all these things are connected.
I don't mean connected in some loose way, but in a very tight
For example, in "War Talk" I look at how the massacre of Muslims in
Gujarat could not have happened last year without the demonization of
Muslims in America after September 11.
It's not just that the radioactive waste from the wreckage of the World
Trade Center dumped in Gujarat, but also a toxic ideology that reached
a critical mass in the "war on terrorism" and the rabid hatred of the
Muslim world we see being driven by the Bush administration.
Anti-Muslim hatred has been given sanction and legitimized.
I am trying to make the point that empire expands either by breaking a
country in the way Argentina was broken or by the way Afghanistan and
Iraq were broken -- with a checkbook or a cruise missile. But the motor
that is propelling this process is the same. Hell hath no fury like a
market scorned.

What radioactive waste from the WTC? Perhaps moonbattery is actually a virus, causing the same gibberish to be spouted world-wide by different dingbats; we'd better hunt them down and burn the remains just to be sure. How's this to finish with:-

We heard from many different sources regarding the fact that Hitler killed not 6 million Jewish Nazis but only 22,000.
This fact is described in the above book and all "Holocaust Truth Seekers" , like myself, should carry out the analytical reading of this book, to know more about the subject of Holocaust, which currently contains around 80% lies circulated by the "Sharon Liars" -------- Jewish Liars.
The only truth regarding holocaust is that only 22,000 Sharons (Jews) died during the world war II and not 6 million, as is falsely told by the Sharon Liars, through their lies broadcasting media all over the world.
The above book is difficult to find but if you keep searching, you will surely find ways and means to obtain it.
In the meantime, logging on to the above three website, in order to gain more truth regarding the subject of Holocaust, would be a good idea.

Elizabeth Thompson Khan

Zulaikha Thompson Khan

Zohra Thompson Khan

Here's how the lovely Lizzie describes herself:- I am an Australian and a recent convert to Islam.

Was that before or after you became a Nazi, Liz? The anti-western civilisation set are certainly an eclectic mix.

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