The Iraqi ‘Insurgency’.

Some time back, I wrote this:

. . .al-Zarqawi's gamble started coming badly unstuck the moment GWB was re-elected POTUS. And what made his gamble all the more heady was that the Iraqi people themselves were beginning to realise that his real war, the one of bullets, knives, bombs and blood, was actually with them, not the coalition military.

With the US election result, Zarqawi's bid for the hearts and minds of the West had failed where it counted. However, in their desperate bid to win this all-important Western campaign, he and his crew had, as a direct consequence, already comprehensively lost the hearts and minds campaign where, given the US election result, it now counted the most: on the ground in Iraq.

Game: Western coalition.
Just last week, we saw this:

Zarqawi escapes US trap: report

US forces recently failed to capture Jordanian militant Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in Iraq but found his laptop computer and seized some of his money, the American Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Zarqawi's driver and a bodyguard were detained in the operation.

Following a tip-off from inside the Zarqawi network about the meeting, members of the task force had troops in place and checkpoints around Ramadi, as well as Predator drones in the air monitoring the region, the report said.

"We believe he is resilient," Gen Vines said. "He is incredibly evil and we can't forget that, so he is dangerous still, but he is on the run." The owner of the safe house where Zarqawi ran had also been arrested.
So - Zarqawi’s network has either been infiltrated or is falling apart, and pretty much right on cue. And if the man is still in Iraq after this (and given he didn’t leave back in January, as he should, I think it’s now safe to say he’ll stay until the end), then his days are most certainly numbered.


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