Taking Americans hostage in Iraq

To be honest, I can't see why the terrorists still bother, but each to their own I guess.
The video of Jeffrey Ake appeared on the Arabic-language TV network Al-Jazeera. The video showed Ake sitting behind a desk while three militants stood nearby, their weapons pointed at him.

He was holding his U.S. passport and his Indiana driver's license in his left hand. In his other hand, he held a photograph, apparently a family portrait, showing him along with a woman and three children.

"I ask my family and friends to demonstrate and speak directly to the American government to open discussions with the -- with the Iraqi national resistance," he said.

Ake's video was broadcast during another day of deadly attacks in Iraq, including a blast near the northern city of Kirkuk that killed 12 Iraqi security guards trying to defuse a roadside bomb.
The first reason why I wonder what they think they'll achieve is the CNN report. The media don't really care too much about one American being kidnapped anymore. After Nick Berg, they realised that a lot of people in the media's target audience (left-of-centre and impressionable youth) aren't overly interested in hearing about executed hostages in Iraq - and the ones that are will download the videos from Ogrish (link not for the squeamish), not watch the watered down PG-rated coverage. That's why CNN - and this also goes for the vast majority of the liberal media - can't go more than a few paragraphs on a story involving Iraq without going straight to "death, chaos, disaster, and more death in occupied Iraq!" garbage.

The second reason why I question the value of the terrorist's activities is because of who Jeffrey Ake is. Rusty Shackleford has done the necessary Googling and found some interesting results.
According to WISHTV, Ake is from Northern Indiana. He is the President of a Rolling Prairie, IN, based water company, Equipment Express.
As Rusty discovered, Equipment Express gets bottles of water, bottles of cooking oil and water treatment systems into Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan. According to the terrorist mentality, the logical conclusion of this act of help by the eeeeevil infidel is to kidnap him and then saw his head off with a blunt knife either side of helping Al-Jazeera fill their daily requirement of 12 Anti-American hours every day.

And people wonder why the Arab world is so backward?

(Via Outside The Beltway. Cross-posted to The House Of Wheels.)

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