From Burqa to Governor

Waheed at Afghan Warrior reports the story of Afghanistan's first female provincial governor:
Ms Surabi, the 48-year old wife and mother of three children, is an ethnic Hazara.

During her 3 years of service as Minister of Women's Affairs, she also learned to speak fluent English. Ms Surabi said "My appointment has opened a way for other women" in her speech. She believes that President Karzai, by choosing her, sent a powerful signal that women were equal to men. She hopes her appointment as Afghanistan's first female provincial governor will set a trend in a country in which women were not allowed to work outside.
Her jurisdiction will be Bamyan, the province whose two giant buddhas were destroyed by the Taliban in 2001.

That Ms. Surabi not only does not have to fear the burqa, but is now tasked to help rebuild Bamyan, is yet another indication of the progress that is innate within the Afghan people, which was given another chance by the US Armed Forces. All decent people should wish Ms. Surabi the best in her endeavors.

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