The Tom Delay non-scandal

For those of you who rightly dismissed the "charges" against Tom Delay as liberal rubbish without actually reading them, here's what's been going on:
Media attention focused on DeLay's travel last month after The Washington Post reported on DeLay's participation in a $70,000 expense-paid trip to London and Scotland in 2000 that sources said was indirectly financed in part by an Indian tribe and a gambling services company. A few days earlier, media attention had focused on a $106,921 trip DeLay took to South Korea in 2001 that was financed by a tax-exempt group created by a lobbyist on behalf of a Korean businessman.
Then there's this:
The practice is not illegal but has come under new scrutiny following reports that House Majority Leader Tom DeLay’s wife and daughter had received hundreds of thousands of dollars since 2001 from his political action and congressional campaign committees.
There's a little more at the links, but something tells me all the news about Delay is just a media witchhunt. How else can you explain the lack of interest over similar stories like this:

- Zoe Lofgren, Howard L. Berman, Bob Filner, Pete Stark and Barbara Boxer are Californians (imagine how many non-Californians are involved) who have hired family members for the same reason that Tom Delay did.

- Stephanie Tubbs Jones took lobbyist funded trips that mirror the accusations leveled against Delay.

Now what do all those people have in common? They're all Democrats getting less than 1% of the coverage that Delay's charges are getting.

Oh, that liberal media.

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