Iraq 'hostages dumped in river'

The bodies of more than 50 men, women and children have been recovered from the River Tigris in the town of Suwayra, south of Baghdad. Many had been badly mutilated, Iraqi authorities said.

President Jalal Talabani said the bodies were those of people who had been taken hostage and then killed in the nearby town of Madain. We discovered bags with the slaughtered children inside them - there were two girls, one was a student and the other was very young.

Mr Talabani confirmed the discovery. "More than 50 bodies have been brought out from the Tigris, and we have the full names of those who were killed and those criminals who committed these crimes," he said. "We will give you details in the coming days...".

The town of Madain had been reported to be in the hands of militant Sunni insurgents earlier this month. When government forces moved in and took control on Monday, they encountered no resistance, nor could they find any trace of hostages.

And in the town of Haditha, north-west of Baghdad, at least 19 men were found dead at a football stadium. They had apparently been lined up against a wall and shot. The interior ministry said they were Iraqi soldiers who had been abducted by insurgents while travelling to Haditha.

Story from BBC News

MathewK -

This is the kind of evil that the Iraqis and Americans have to face everyday.

John Pilger described the resistance in Iraq as incredibly important to stop the US. During the liberation of Iraq, there was a scene when an American soldier hoisted the American flag atop some building, it was quickly taken down and replaced with the Iraqi flag, there was much squealing like stuck pigs from the critics though. Then came Abu Gharib, the Arab world was shocked and appalled, mis treatment of prisoners, the world was appalled, Geneva conventions, rights for the prisoners, the Arab world blind to their own mis treatment of prisoners, shrieked for Bush to say sorry, Rumsfeld must resign, the squealing continued.

Occasionally the odd reporter was shot under suspicious circumstances in Iraq, more squealing and condemnation, then came Najaf and Fallujah, oh the insurgents, their rights, send them food, rules of engagement for the marines, too many, it'll all fail, we must run, the Geneva conventions, cameras focused on every American marine, watching their every move, I wouldn't be surprised if the marines weren't sure who the enemy really was.

Then the elections came, professor of foreign this from that university, expert on middle east history from that organisation, local leftist safe and sound in the free west, all carping on about how it lacked legitimacy because the Sunni's weren't involved, too few votes, puppet government and the insurgents were not in the process, all predicted chaos, bloodshed, death and burning. Free Iraqis gave them the one fingered salute. Every time the Iraqi Army or police mount an operation, the Americans have all the power, the Iraqis are deserting, can't learn fast enough, no weapons, ineffective, the Insurgents are winning and they have control. Mass graves are still being found in Iraq from the Saddam era, yet wherever the American marine turns, all they get is criticism or some opportunistic bastard looking for a mistake.

So where are all the critics now, why isn't anyone explaining the Geneva conventions to these parasites called insurgents, why is the professor from somewhere not fighting for the rights of the beheaded child or the policeman shot like a dog in a football field. Maybe the "Stop the war coalition" could stop the murdering by Insurgents for a change. We should get all the critics and fly them all over to Iraq, here you go, you fix the problem using your ingenious methods and theories, and don't come running back if you get shot in the ass.

Sometimes when I read about what's going on in Iraq, I think we who are free in the West should fall to our hands and knees and thank whoever we believe in for the life we have. Also the soldiers that have paid with their blood so we can live safely.

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