Of leftist stupidity and telecommunications

On one of our “current affairs” shows last night there was a "big" story about a conspiracy that all phone and telecommunication companies are involved in.

From the beat up prior to the commercial break, they were making it seem like phone companies deliberately cause your mobile signal to drop out so you have to call back and incur more charges. Of course the actual story was just about black spots in coverage areas and how phone companies don’t seem to be addressing it.

Let’s just examine that concept, shall we? Phone companies appear to be doing nothing about black spots in their coverage areas. See, I don't buy this. Enough customer complaints, and enough customers changing carriers, will force a company to address the problem. And some of them are.

I can hear you ask "How can phone companies improve the coverage of their mobile phone signals?" Well one thing they do is to put up more mobile phone signal towers to boost signals and expand coverage areas over troublesome black spots.

Yet every time a new tower is proposed, all the local leftist morons start screeching “Not near me”. Well guess what, you leftist idiots – you have a choice. Either accept the tower near you and enjoy the better mobile phone performance it will provide, or forget the tower and quit bitching about your phone dropouts. You can’t have it both ways.

Of course there is another way you as a consumer can get around the problem, and that is to learn the phrase “You get what you pay for” and sign up with Telstra. Telstra is more expensive than the other carriers, but in eight years of using a Telstra mobile, the number of problems I have experienced can be counted on one hand.

Also the coverage of Telstra is unrivalled. Up in our state’s northwest, in Denham, Carnarvon, and Exmouth, my Telstra signal was as strong as ever. Of course my ex’s phone carrier was non-existent up that way. A mate of mine was travelling down south when he rolled his car off the road, down an embankment. Luckily he was with Telstra. Any other carrier and he and family probably would have died there, not being able to get a signal to call for help. (On a side note I also currently have a Vodafone mobile but don’t use it all that much. Certainly not enough to comment on the overall quality of their service, but with the little bit I have used it, I have not encountered any problems – even when calling overseas)

The Optus mobile network on the other hand (from what I have been able to gather from users) is complete dog shit. A number of years back, a group of friends went mental over Optus’s freetime or whatever (free calls after 8pm to other Optus phones or something similar) “Hey let’s all sign up with Optus so we can all talk to each other for free after 8pm”

They all tried to convince me to sign up, but not being a sheep, let alone a stupid sheep, I refused to give up my quality service for some supposedly “free” talk time – what with me remembering the phrase “You get what you pay for.” And sure enough, they were all plagued with drop outs, poor signals, and network congestion.

And speaking of network congestion, here’s a word of advice – don’t go out on New Year’s Eve unless you have a Telstra mobile because if you get in any trouble from 11:30pm to around 3:00am, you have sweet bugger all chance of getting through and thus cannot call for help. At the last big NYE bash I went to (only about 3 years ago so it’s not like the other networks hadn’t had the time or chance to improve their service) the calls went something like this:

Optus Sheep #1: “I must call all my friends who aren’t here and wish them a happy new year. Oh wait. It says the network is busy.”

Optus Sheep #2: “I must call my sister and wish her a happy new year. Oh wait. It says the network is busy on mine too.”

Optus Sheep numbers 3, 4, and 5 all try, not realising the problem is the Optus network. AAPT, Orange, B, and whoever else there was, all try to call out and meet with the same “Network Busy” message.

Telstra User #1: “I am going to call my brother in Brisbane. ‘Hey bro. Happy New Year. Did I wake you? What are you doing asleep, it’s only like 2am over there? Okay. Seeya, ya pansy’. I am now going to call my cousin in London. ‘Hey mate. Yep, just gone midnight here so happy new year from Australia. Talk to ya when it’s new years over there. Bye’.”

Me: “I’m going to call Telstra User #1. Hi. I know you are standing right next to me and I have already wished you a happy new year but wanted to rub in to all these Optus users, who are still trying to get me to swap over, the fact that we can use our phones to make calls and they can’t.”

Then of course come the requests to “borrow” my phone and rack up huge bills so they can call whoever and of course we Telstra users say “No.”

Don’t get me wrong. They are my friends and I wouldn’t trade them in for anything, but what sort of friend would I be were I to always bail them out and not give them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes? And since not being able to call someone on New Years Eve is not likely to have any permanent consequences, it is something I figured they can suffer through and hopefully learn from (and a couple of them have). That is just how nice a guy I really am.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the “conspiracy” story…

The show also had an interview with some stupid leftist bitch from some consumer group who offered up more proof of just how big a group of Nazis leftists really are. She suggested a very Nazi/Communist-like tactic so typical of leftists.

She wants to give more power to the government and allow them to tell phone companies how to run their business. Specifically, this leftist bitch wants all the phone companies to be forced to allow network roaming and access to each others networks, thereby destroying all need for competition and innovation in mobile telecommunications by allowing all the shit phone companies to bludge of Telstra’s infrastructure.

And being so completely and utterly stupid as leftists are, she thinks this will lead to improved service for all mobile phone users.

All the shitty phone companies will now have no need to bother about improving their own networks because they can just use the one Telstra has spent all the money on developing and making sure is the best in Australia. And Telstra, no longer gaining any benefit from having the best network in Australia, has no reason to maintain it as the best network in Australia, let alone continue to improve it.

And since no company is now going to be bothered about its own mobile network, all the networks will go to shit, setting back mobile telecommunications in this country by 20 years. And yet, all these retarded leftists, flying in the face of economic reality, still think otherwise and want to pursue this course of action. Now can you people understand why I hate leftists and their all-encompassing stupidity so much?

Thankfully we have the Coalition in power and not the lefty scum ALP so there is no chance of such a thing happening.

I am not a Telstra shareholder, nor an employee, and the only account I have with them is my mobile phone account. And the only reason my mobile phone account is with them is because they provide the best mobile service, and, remembering the fact that “You get what you pay for”, I am prepared to pay more for the best.

Not everybody is prepared to do so. If you want to sign with Optus or Vodafone or whoever, you have that right as a consumer in a free market economy. But don’t then go and bitch about poor coverage while opposing new mobile phone towers and expecting the government and Telstra and its customers to compensate you.

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