The Untold Story

With an election more than likely not far off and with the Liberal Party in a free fall, this could have a major impact.
As the Gomery inquiry into the sponsorship scandal continues to hear from a colourful cast of cheats, liars and selective amnesiacs, the finishing touches are being applied to what could become the biggest political bombshell of the entire Adscam probe.

For months, a crack team of top forensic accountants in Ottawa and Montreal has been following the Adscam money from the public purse through the elaborate money-laundering schemes of fraud and kickbacks at the heart of the sponsorship scandal. This is no ordinary group of number-crunchers.

Among its members are some of the key investigators who unraveled the massive and complex financial scandal at Enron Corporation, the giant American energy company that collapsed under billions of dollars of hidden debt and fraud. Sometime in the next few weeks, this squad of sleuthing bean-counters from the firm Kroll Lindquist & Avey will present the Gomery inquiry with the results of its Adscam investigation.

Although none of the results have yet been made public, the investigators have reportedly amassed tens of thousands of pages of financial documents so far. The findings are said to be shocking. It looks as if the grand finale is going to be great. Don't change the dial.

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