Socialists For Sale

How much does it cost to buy a socialist? Try in the neighbourhood of $5 billion. Handsome Jack and His Band of Bolsheviks agreed to support the most corrupt government in this nation's history in exchange for a sizeable boost in social spending.

Prime Minister Martin and his trained seals, fighting for their political lives, proved that they are more interested in saving their collectives asses then in doing what is best for the country. In fending off a threat from the Conservatives to bring the government down over a confidence vote on the budget, Martin and Layton came to a nifty little deal - if Martin agrees to increase social program spending by $4.6 billion Layton will support the Liberals on the budget.

Bottom line? Martin spends a whack of dough we don't have in order to save his ass. Meanwhile Handsome Jack, who now is apparently the unofficial Prime Minister, forces the feds to cough up the goods. Does Handsome Jack ever wonder why the NDP only gets about a dozen votes each election? Could it have something to do with the fact that Canadians oppose the NDP's policies? Guess that doesn't matter anymore. We have the leader of a party that gets a teeny weeny little slice of the vote each election deciding the nation's fiscal priorities and a PM willingly going along with it to save his ass.

Martin for his part has a different view. (surprise surprise) He claims he went along with it in order to make Parliament work. Uh-huh. If the most corrupt party and government in this nation's history was defeated by Her Majesty's Official Opposition in a confidence vote then that would be proof that Parliament does work. This deal is a sham. And so is Dithers and Handsome Jack.

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