Good riddance

By now all Australians would have heard of of the nine Aussies arrested in Bali trying to smuggle heroin into this country.

And as expected, the usual scum has come out in defence of these poor, innocent criminals (Shock! Horror! Leftist political parties supporting criminals!?) who only wanted to make a quick profit by bringing deadly susbtances to be sold to idiots and children here in Australia.

Amazing how the leftist scum like to say Australians are opposed to the death penalty and as such, the criminals should not have been arrested in Bali where they will be executed, but rather arrested here so they can be given some community service as punishment instead.

Clearly however, this is not the case. As usual it is leftist scum thinking it knows what is best for Australians.

If the leftist scum think we are so opposed to the death penalty why not put it to a referendum to put the issue beyond doubt? All the states are in Labor hands. Ask the people if death should the punishment for drug trafficking, wilful murder (except in self defence, in which case the defender should be rewarded), rape, and treason.

But they won't because it will be another vote that they lose.

Let's just look at this shall we:

- They had it strapped to their bodies
- They lied to their families about where they were
- They were asked to knowingly courier drugs into this country in exchange for a holiday to Bali and a large amout of cash
- When busted, they tried to bribe their way out. How many people not involved in trafficking drugs have $1 million on hand to offer as a bribe?

I don't know about you but I often wake up with things strapped to my body and no idea how they got there, and my first reaction when I get spoken to by the police is always to offer them a bribe to let me go......

Not one iota of sympathy will they get from me. This was a premediated effort on all their parts. They made the decision to value their lives at $10-15,000, they made the decision to lie about where they were going and what they were doing. They made the decision to ignore the numerous posters and announcements informing them of the penalty for trafficking drugs. They made the decision to go through with it and strap the drugs to their bodies. It was pure greed on their parts and now they can suffer the consequences.

We are too soft on crime in this country - especially drugs. And I for one will be glad when my taxpayer dollars don't go to keeping these criminals housed and fed and entertained.

To echo my opening remarks - Good riddance.

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