Schapelle Corby is in Iraq

Innocent Australian tourist Schapelle Corby who is charged with smuggling drugs into Bali must've broken out of prison, because according to the Sydney Morning Herald, she's in Iraq.
Something is terribly wrong. The rest of the world vowed to help Iraq after the ousting of Saddam Hussein. Billions of dollars have been set aside and because Basra is Iraq's only city by the sea, hundreds of military and civilian supply convoys thunder past its hospitals, heading to Baghdad and other centres as part of a huge military and reconstruction effort.

But few trucks stop at these hospitals. A few did pull up outside the Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital a month ago and dumped donated second-hand hospital equipment from Japan in the forecourt. But no one knows how to install it all - so the delivery just gathers dust and its flat surfaces have become an extension of the waiting room for day patients.

An Austrian-Arab charity found after finding the large bag of marijuana in her boogie board bag.Of the four customs officers who detained Corby at the airport, three spoke no English and the one who spoke a little English acted as translator.

Corby's lawyers said all these officers relied on this one translator and so all had the same, wrong version of events.

All claimed Corby had refused to open the boogie board bag when asked, while Corby has always insisted she opened the bag willingly.
This is not a joke - the piece switches effortlessly from Iraq to Schapelle Corby - and by effortlessly, I mean this is a nice screw-up. Most of the Corby part has come from this article, but the line "An Austrian-Arab charity found after finding the large bag of marijuana in her boogie board bag" isn't there, and doesn't show up on a Google News search. One wonders how they can make a mistake like that, however.

In case the page changes, I've saved an image copy to here and here.

(Cross-posted to The House Of Wheels. James Ozark's previous pieces on the Corby case can be found here and here.)

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