Trouble In The Moonbat Enclosure

Dumbj over at House of Dumb posts a beaut’ article which pretty much sums up what, I suspect, most of us feel about the Left’s two blind eyes when it comes to Islam.

For the knee-jerk blindeys out there, just a quick reminder: Islam (equals) religion, Islam (not equals) race.

It seems that even some on the Left are starting to have a little trouble. . .

. . .all is not well in Lefty Neverland. Laban Tall points out that the L3 are descending into another bout of typically absurd internecine warfare, this time over the whole question of Islamophobia. The screaming moonbat Left takes issue with the merely screeching moonbat Left and their failure to properly apply socialists principles. Actually, now I think about it, that describes just about every Lefty tiff ever. Normally, I'd say lock the doors and let them have at it, but - for once - the debate does actually raise some valid questions.

The screamers point out - correctly - that the screechers's tolerance of Islam is predicated on the existence of an elusive, yet huge, body of moderate Muslims who support gay rights, women's rights….. in fact, the whole screecher agenda.

. . . If Islam truly is incompatible with, say, women's rights, then there is nothing irrational or prejudiced in a feminist opposing it. Quite the opposite, in fact. . .
Please don spit-flecked venom protection - now. . .

What is the search for 'moderate Islam' if not a desperate attempt to avoid the horrible truth obvious to anyone who spends even a minute comparing Sha'ria to secular democracy: our civilisation is better.

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