Adscam Turns Liberals Into Cannibals

More testimony today from Adscam. Gaetan Mondou, a promoter of hunting and fishing exhibitions told the Gomery Inquiry today that he sold his right to seek sponsors for his exhibitions to Montreal ad agency Group Polygon/Expour for $100,000. He thought he had made a good deal until he later discovered that Group Polygon/Expour and subcontractor Jacques Corriveau then received $1.6 million in sponsorship money from the feds.
"I don't know why the government would pay like ... nobody should receive $2 million for two shows for three or four years, that's stupid ... $2 million to have some Canadian flags in the show, that's crazy."

Indeed. Not only that, Mondou testified that he was the one who organized the events and put up the signs despite Corriveau charging for the work.

Meanwhile the battle betweeen the Chretienites and the Martinites heated up as Warren Kinsella took the stand. Before we get to that remember that both camps are members of the same Liberal party. Some are loyal to ex-Prime Minister Jean Chretien while the other camp is loyal to the current Martin administration. During his time on the stand, Kinsella made a serious accusation. In citing a letter he wrote back in 1994 to Terrie O'Leary, who at the time was Martin's chief of staff, he claimed that bidding rules were flawed, too much money was being spent on some consulting work, and some of the work wasn't necessary.
Kinsella was appearing before the committee to claim that top Martin adviser Terrie O'Leary steered contracts to a consulting firm that served as Martin's in-house leadership team.

O'Leary appeared at the hearing as well, beside her companion David Herle. He was a senior partner at the consulting firm in question, Earnescliffe Strategy Group.

He also suggested Earnscliffe was getting the work because of its "political connections.''

One big happy Liberal family. Of course this contradicts what the PM said last week when he denied he interfered in the contract process. Kinsella also went so far as to say,
"I received a phone call from an individual a few minutes before I came here indicating that Mr. Dingwall would disavow everything I had to say here today," Kinsella said.

David Dingwall, currently CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint was at one time Kinsella's superior when he was Public Works Minister.

For their part, the Martin Liberals were quick to fire back.
Sounding much angrier, Herle, whose firm earned almost $6 million from federal work since 1993, lashed out at Kinsella and the opposition-dominated committee, saying they were smearing Martin.

"If you ask me about Mr. Kinsella's motivations, he's as strong a political adversary of Mr. Martin and of myself and Ms. O'Leary as exists in this country," Herle said.

With an election looming on the horizon it's quite amusing watching the federal Liberal Party self-destruct. They've resorted to eating their own in an attempt to cover their asses. Notwithstanding the $100 million that went missing, I'm thoroughly enjoying this.

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