Who Do They Think They’re kidding?

Hopefully, absolutely no one.

Labour to stop postal vote fraud - after election

LONDON — Britain's Labour Party is to introduce new legislation to stop postal fraud but only if it wins the next general election.
I guess that’s a given. If they lose, they won’t be in Government. Fact is, they were made aware of this ‘problem’ a long time ago. Plenty of time to tighten the rules, that is if they’d wanted to. . .

But they didn’t want to, did they. And I think we know why. They don’t intend to lose.

The British daily 'The Times' reported how the present Labour government will change the law despite repeated assurances the present system was safe.

An estimated 15 percent of votes in the UK general election on 5 May will be by post from expats living abroad or from people living away from their constituencies.
Fifteen percent? Actually, predictions I’ve heard have said it may be a lot higher than that, given residents will probably use the postal system to avoid having to walk to their local polling place (the whole point it was introduced in the first place, or so they said).

Maybe the UN should consider monitoring the British elections as it decided to do in the evil USA?

Okay, stop laughing now – you’ll burst something. . .

The move comes after two judges in the UK said the present system was "wide open to fraud" after scandals in Birmingham and Blackburn, where Labour activists stole thousands of people's postal votes and court cases followed.

The Electoral Commission have repeatedly called for individual registration to combat fraud.
I’m putting my cards on the table now: to a greater or lesser degree, I think this election is going to be tampered with. They’ll just be a little smarter about it this time. This, of course, begs the question – even given the opportunity, what’s your average postal-voting Brits’ ballot going to be worth?

Once again: the Left’s little guarantee that we all get it ‘right’.

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