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The National Post has more info on the post I did Adscam Turns Liberals Into Cannibals. Right now the greatest enemy the Liberal Party of Canada faces is it itself. It is a deeply divided party whose problems can be traced directly back to the last party leadership campaign. The bad blood between former PM Jean Chretien and current PM Paul Martin is well documented and although Chretien is now retired, both camps continue to slug it out. With the explosion of AdScam, the feud has erupted into all out war.

During his time on the hot seat at the Gomery Inquiry, Chretien attack-dog Warren Kinsella practically called Paul Martin an outright liar and we have the Martinites referring to Kinsella as pond scum. This is better than any live theatre I've ever seen. Actually it's rather humorous to see Kinsella fight with someone other than Conservatives. He's even gone so far as to attack the group of bloggers I belong to The Blogging Tories claiming...
For those of you who, like me, are fed up with "Blogging Tories" - you know, the guys who use their "Blogging Tory" web sites to (as I have noted previously) defame feminists, gay marriage, the United Nations, bilingualism, immigration, anti-tobacco laws, liberals, fluoridation of water, the metric system and the Satanic subliminal pro-Stalinist messages used on episodes of The West Wing - it's time for a little payback. Writing about Wolfgang Droege, yesterday, reminded me of my halcyon investigative reporter days, and made me yearn for same. So I intend to investigate the living shit out of my good friend Don - and urge him to share the critical spotlight, as it were. I don't intend to jeopardize his ability to earn a living, as he has repeatedly done with Yours Truly, but everything else is on the table. Is it fair? Is it nasty? Well, Don's the guy who decided to make himself a public person when he created his little web site. Me, I'm just helping him in becoming even more of a public person! It's New York Times v. Sullivan, with a decidedly Canadian twist. If you want to join my anti-Moron Don crusade, email me at warren@warrenkinsella.com. It's going to be fun!

Puh-leeze. As if anyone is really worried about your petty little threats. Mr.Kinsella not only likes to attack Conservatives on his blog he also travels to our blogs and fights with us in the comments sections. Funny thing is though he does not allow comments on his own site. Brave man. But I wouldn't worry too much about us right now Mr.Kinsella, you have your hands full with your own people. Liars? Pond scum? I love it.

Meanwhile, the Conservatives are so upset at the government's decision to cancel "opposition day" they may attempt to bring down Martin's administration in a confidence motion.
OTTAWA - The Conservatives say they're outraged at the Liberals' latest tactic to prevent the opposition from toppling the government – so upset, they say, that they may defeat the budget legislation and trigger an election.

At issue is a move by the Liberals' decision to postpone an opposition day on Wednesday.

The day was set aside for the official Opposition to debate any motion it wanted to put forward. By cancelling the day, the Conservatives say the Liberals have now lost the moral authority to govern.

Government House leader Tony Valeri said he was told the Conservatives wanted to use the day in "a clear attempt to hijack the House. As a government, we could simply not allow that to happen."

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says the motion would have simply forced the government to hold opposition days in the next few weeks and the real reason the Liberals postponed the opposition day was because they didn't want to risk an election.

"They're scared of a confidence motion," he said. "I didn't intend to bring one in on Wednesday. We made that pretty clear.

"But obviously we could bring one in in the next few weeks and what they're trying to do is avoid that. It's that simple."

Although I understand Mr.Harper's frustration I think it imperative they not attempt any confidence vote right now. It is absolutely vital the Gomery Inquiry continue its work in getting to the bottom of this Liberal corruption - that work must not be interrupted. To date the inquiry has exposed a level of government scandal on a scale never before seen in this country and the Liberal Party of Canada has been running around in circles trying to plug the leaks in the dam. Not only have they been getting hammered in the House during Question Period on a daily basis ( Martin has been conspicuous by his absence) they are fighting with themselves. Let 'em go I say.

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