Any Ideas?

Malnourished millionaire Michael Moore has run out of ideas, and is sending out e-mails asking for suggestions on what should be the next move by the perpetually outraged, and making a lame gag about running for Pope. (He could be Pope Planet 1, the only leader in the history of organised religion to generate their own gravity- there may also have to be changes made to the communion, replacing wine and wafers with gravy and donuts; the Church will have to invest in reinforced pews, and the Popemobile might have to be replaced by something like this).

I've got a few ideas for the next move for the anti-Bush set- how about Canada? Or maybe something new, original, cutting edge and influential; I know, a big wacky papier mache' puppet with cardboard hands! That'll show 'em!

Do you have any ideas on what Mikey's next move* should be?

*I reckon his first move should be into some more roomy slacks.

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