AdScam Recap 2

Further to my previous post Adscam Recap, I failed to explain the reason for the publication ban that was put into place. Justice Gomery placed a gag order on the media with respect to the testimony given by Chuck Guite, the civil servant who ran the sponsorship program as well as 2 advertising executives by the names of Jean Brault and Paul Coffin. With all 3 of them already facing criminal charges for their roles in the scandal and set to go to trial at the beginning of May it was feared that any testimony given by them at the inquiry would prejudice future jurors in their upcoming criminal trials.

While the motive for the ban may have been honourable in reality it turned out to be a big joke as US blogs jumped all over it. All the ban succeeded in doing was force Canadians to consult US news sources for the details of the testimony as the ban of course was not enforeable outside of Canada. It became a running joke here that we weren't allowed to know the details of a case that personally affected us but everyone else in the world did. It was also silly for the simple fact that Canadians could simply go online and read the details anyway.

For a little more background info on this whole mess check here.

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