UN Has Success

Well it's been successful in slagging off free Western democracies for putting terrorist suspects in the bag, pandering to the demands of noisy Marxist pressure groups and appointing another dingbat to the gravy train:-

In a joint statement last week, groups including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the International Commission of Jurists had called for the new post.
'The special rapporteur would monitor counterterrorism laws and practices for their compatibility with human rights, act to prevent human rights violations arising from counterterrorism measures and provide technical assistance to states,' they said.

No mention of the supression of the right to continue breathing carried out daily by El Que'da adherents in Iraq and Palestinian nutjobs in the West Bank, however; being mildly unpleasant to Islamofascist detainees is much more important.

The forum, which winds up its annual six-week session on Friday, last year appointed an independent expert to draw up a report on counterterrorism.
The expert, Robert Goldman, reported that a 'broad range of human rights have come under increasing pressure or are being violated by states in the context of counterterrorism initiatives'.
His concerns included: the prolonged or indefinite incommunicado detention of terrorist suspects without access to courts; inhumane treatment during interrogation; military tribunals to try civilians; transfer or 'rendition' of suspects to third states which 'routinely practise torture.'
Some countries have also resorted to 'profiling' people to identify terrorist suspects or prevent them from entering their territory, according to Goldman, an American lawyer.

Horrible- truly horrible; murderous thugs and fundamentalist xenophobes are asked questions, held in remote locations so substantial populations are kept safe from random attack, occasionaly turned away at entry points and sometimes returned to their country of birth where nasty things happen to them. How can we look at ourselves in the mirror when such outrages are purpetrated in the name of our security.

How selfish of us- deranged Dervishes should be free to roam at will- after all, a few televised beheadings and explosions in crowded public spaces are a small price to pay for tolerance and respect for human rights.

No doubt this matter will be taken seriously by the nations in question, who will expend buckets of money on reviews of procedures and probes into unfounded allegations by questionable individuals of ill-treatment.

They have also come down like a ton of bricks on the minor rights violations in Sudan's Dafur region:-

The U.N. Human Rights Commission has adopted a resolution condemning human rights abuses in Sudan's troubled Darfur region.
The resolution, passed by consensus Thursday without a formal vote, blames both pro-government Arab militia and rebels in Darfur for the violations.
The Associated Press reports the measure specifically condemns the violence against civilians, sexual violence against women and girls, and the destruction of villages.
It was approved after the European Union withdrew a more strongly worded document that would have condemned the Sudanese government for its role in the violence.

That'll have them quaking in their curly-toed shoes in Khatoum.

This show of force will probably have a similar effect on the recalcitrant Sudanese regime as a similar resolution has had on the now docile North Koreans*.

*What is the Korean phrase for fuck off, limpdick imperialist running dogs?

UPDATE No doubt the UN will be as resolute about the Iranian government's proven indirect involvement in recruitment of mobile claymores- surely state sponsored terrorism is a major human rights issue.

UPDATE 2 JF Beck has more on the UN's valiant efforts in Dafur. It also appears The Koffster may still be in more shit that a dung beetle over oil for food.

World government indeed- I reckon this crew would do a much better job.

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