The best post in Indymedia's history

The award goes to Michael Dargaville for this laughable tripe. A few excerpts:
But that was 25 years ago and since 1989 when the company was destroyed and a new Fairfax was founded, a Fairfax that is absolutely nothing like the old Fairfax, a completely dangerous Fairfax that lies all the time, distorts the truth, misinforms on a grand scale, revises history, promotes war criminals and are now active human rights abusers.
Not one single serious example of any of this is provided by Dargaville, but some accusations are backed up with other even more outrageous claims, most laughably like this:
The Fairfax Press are not only liars and cheats but launch campaigns of media ommision. For example, I have mentioned many times that ASIO, Australia's security intelligence organisation, has used psychotronic weapons on people in Australia. Psychotronic weapons are mind control weapons and use electro-magnetic frequences to change brain wave patterns. Neurophones are one machine which can do this. I have had major contacts confirm to me this is used widely but not one story from Fairfax. These pigs in Fairfax promote the human rights abuses of spies. Allegations that Martin Bryant, the convicted mass murder in Tasmania, was also given this technology before the shooting was again ignored by Fairfax. These allegations have the right to be heard and taken seriously before the public but not at Fairfax.
There's a good reason why Fairfax won't take them seriously, but the mere fact that you're writing this means you wouldn't understand it. Next, we find out just why he's so bitter against Fairfax:
The Fairfax media company these days launches campaigns against anyone who dares to challenge the tight media control of Australia.

In the 1990s I had published four novels, two of which I stupidly gave to Fairfax to review. These novels were cutting edge novels with lots of expletives and intellectual dialogue in the vain of William Burroughs, Kathy Acker, Richard Brauitigan and Irvine Welsh.

Not only did Fairfax not review any of them, but refused to issue any publicity. This sort of campaign of deciet and banning has now turned into standard practice for this evil and terrible media organisation.
They didn't review your books, so you're bitter. Wow, that's original.

You can tell Michael how much you lived his diatribe at

Oh, and Michael? The tin foil is in aisle 4.

UPDATE: His other articles are just as good:
In Australia our rock music tradition has a long history of being channelled by Lucifer. Look at Johnny Farnham's Whispering Jack which is totally evil. You can tell people channelled by Lucifer. Prime Minister John Howard, Johnny Farnham, Peter Garrett, the singers from Crowded House and some Tripple Jay announcers all have that WoWoWoWoWoWoWoWoWoW accent. Those humans are being smothered in super energy by Lucifer's angels. It is a sad but true occult fact.

Yet if you look at Australia's punk music tradition you will see the positive Archangels of Gabriel ringing through in super energy.
Somebody give this guy a comedy award.

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