Who Is 55555 Inc?

An interesting tidbit from M.K Braaten.
Previously, Chuck Guite testified that he recalled that he had a telephone conversation with Terrie O'Leary who told him that "Paul would prefer (Earnscliffe)" for advertising contracts. Earnscliffe is an advertising/consulting firm which has very close ties with Paul Martin and was a large supporter in his leadership bid. In return, Earnscliffe's owners David Herle and John Webster, who are also the national Liberal Co-chairs, donated nearly 3 million dollars to the Liberal party through #55555 Inc. In total, Earnscliffe has earned over $6 Million dollars in government contracts under Martin's watch. The question remains is whether Martin deliberately diverted contracts toward Earnscliffe, which is operated by Liberal party members, who then diverted money through #55555 Inc and back to the Liberal party. A phantom company with no previous history turned out to be the largest contributor towards the Liberal party in 2003; this definitely seems odd. Why else would a company, whose financial statements are private, donate millions of dollars to the Liberals? Similarly, Groupaction was given millions of dollars in contracts. Government contract money would be 'washed' through Groupaction before it was illegally returned to the Liberal party disguised as donations. When Martin was running for leadership, Shelia Copps dared Martin to reveal who donated to his leadership campaign. Mr. Martin responded that the money was in a 'blind trust' and he did not know who contributed. Why the secrecy?

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