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With the Bunyip's posting re: Marian Wilkinson's carping on ASEAN treaties, I thought it appropriate to revisit a post of mine from December last year. Particularly apt is the fact that Australia NOW has stronger ties to Asia under the Howard government that at any time under Labor.

"The ALP's foreign policy maestro, Kevin Rudd, continues to peddle the Keating line of 'engaging with Asia'. This is also one of the Bomber's favourite breathlessly squeaked lines "The fact of the matter is...". The current pissing and moaning from the ALP is about the refusal of the Howard government to sign the ASEAN 'Treaty of Amity and Cooperation', which is allegedly meant to commit signatory states to respect the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member countries. 'Respect for the sovereignty' of Asian countries will probably prohibit Australia commenting or acting on potential human rights abuses, and would probably have meant that East Timor would still be suffering under Indonesian military oppression. But that's different! cries the Left. Free East Timor was a favoured rally call for years by the socialists and potential future commie fuckers in our Uni;s around Australia. Well, we (and I mean 'I' here) helped to free East Timor."

"Asia wasn't particularly impressed with this act, regardless of whatever sentiment was expressed at the time, or since, as it shows that Australia was willing and able to project force into Asia, despite their objections to our will. Those happy little shit-holes would just really like to continue on their merry way, without the rest of the civilised world watching what's going on their tin-pot dictatorships. Yes, I'm looking at you Burma!"

Isn't it funny thinking back to last Sunday's interview of Rudd by Laurie Oakes in light of previous statements from the pontificating pixie.

LAURIE OAKES: Do you remember Paul Keating telling voters in 1996 that if John Howard became Prime Minister Asian leaders would not deal with him?
LAURIE OAKES: Does that look stupid to you now?

Stupid? Not as stupid as the fact that the ALP still believe Keating was right for all those years.

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