The Mouse That Roared

It's not Americans or even Australians who have the steeliest set of cojones in the West today; it's the Danes. The tiny Nordic nation defied National Socialism like no other country while under occupation during the 1940s:

It's one of the great untold stories of World War II: In 1943, in German-occupied Denmark, the Danish people find out that all 7,500 Danish Jews are about to be rounded up and deported to German concentration camps. Danish citizens spontaneously make their own decision: it's not going to happen. And it
didn't. Risking their own lives, the Danes quickly rallied round to save their fellow citizens, and almost all of the country's Jews were able to escape the clutches of the Nazis and find refuge in neutral Sweden.

Today, the Danes are defying enforced Islamification, dhimmitude and sharia with equal strength. First, in March, they returned their center-right PM, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, a stout ally of the Coalition of the Willing and an advocate of stricter laws pertaining to Islamic immigrants, with a convincing majority. Now, even their Queen has gotten into the act:

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Denmark's Queen Margrethe urged Muslim immigrants to learn Danish to help them feel more at home and said in an official biography published on Thursday society should show limited tolerance of radical

"We are being challenged by Islam these years. Globally as well as locally," said the 64-year-old queen, who was interviewed by journalist Annelise Bistrup for her book "Margrethe."
"We must take this challenge seriously.

We have simply left it flapping around for far too long, because we are tolerant
and rather lazy," she is quoted as saying.

Mental note to self: Check the Almanach de Gotha to see if good Queen Daisy has inherited any DNA from the great Polish king, Jan III Sobieski.

PS -- I'm sure that Daisy's new Aussie daughter-in-law will only improve her already formidable stock!

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