Spain - the Land of Regret

Seems the Spanish 'love' affair with the Socialists may well be over:

Since prime minister Rodriguez Zapatero's administration took over power 12 months ago in April 2004, the people's trust in him has declined by 16 percentage points. 44.4% of Spaniards say they have little or no trust in Zapatero, according to the most recent survey carried out by government pollster CIS (Center of Sociological Investigation).
Didn't take them long, did it. Quite obviously, the pundits were right. An outburst of emotion over the bombing saw the previous government blamed and summarily dispatched.

The cold light of day (and a burgeoning raft of loony-left policies) seems to be giving the Spaniards a little pause for thought, though. One can only hope Zapatero doesn't do too much damage before the Spaniards get to correct their mistake.

Some small insight from el-socialismo himself: "I thought this business of governing would be complicated," Mr Zapatero was overheard telling a friend, "but really, I've got it licked."

The man is a fool.

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