Australian Hostage in Iraq

The so-called ‘insurgents’ have grabbed an Australian, it seems. It was only a matter of time, though. Yet another pointless act from a mindless evil that worships death and violence.

AN Australian citizen has been taken hostage in Iraq, according to a videotape delivered by militants to news agencies.

On the two-minute video, the sandy-haired man identifies himself as Douglas Wood, a 63-year-old who lives in California and is married to an American. He calls on US, Australian and British authorities to withdraw from the country.

A statement from the militants issued with the tape said it had been released to coincide with a visit to Iraq by Australian Defence Minister Robert Hill.

The statement said Mr Wood had confessed to "dirty acts on our soil".

"My captors are fiercely patriotic. They believe in a strong, united Iraq looking after its own destiny," Mr Wood says on the tape, his head slumped forward and his voice close to breaking.
Oh really? So all that horror, specifically aimed at local Iraqis: IEDs driven into market places packed with women and children, job cues sprayed with bullets and bombs, random acts of brutality and terror deliberately targeting the Iraqis on the street – all just a big mistake then? Or seriously these idiots’ idea of how you build a strong and united anything? You be the judge. For my part, I think these people are simply insane.

This is terribly sad. Any foreign non-combatant who is in Iraq and isn’t armed to the teeth (and prepared to use it), is asking for trouble.

I, for one, am hoping that the Iraqis are true to form, though, and finger the swines who took him before this poor man is harmed.

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