Ting Tong

When Tovarich Toaf and some of his comrades on the Australian Left refer to me on their own blogs, they refer to me as John "Ting Tong" Ray -- evidently under the impression that they are characterizing me in some discreditable or at least risible way. So I thought I might mention what that is all about. They are referring to a poem I wrote many years ago. Yes. Some Australian Leftist bloggers even read my poetry! If that is not risible, I don't know what would be. I am sure nobody else reads it!

I put the poem online under the following heading: "I used to write poetry when I was young. I don't think much of it now but I reproduce some of it below for what interest it might have". I reproduce the poem concerned below:


Ting tong, tingtong
The air melts in song
The song of sad happiness
The song of old sadness

Slow, fast, slowfast
The word of the last
Man on earth singing
A song heavenwards winging.

Yes. That is the bit of trivia that has fascinated them. Hard to believe really.

I believe that I ate tofu once (pies, sausages and burgers are more to my liking) and found it rather squishy so perhaps in future I should refer to Toaf/Tofu as Damian "Squishy" Doyle.

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