Racial profiling, leftist style

UK Independent - White members of the public are being unlawfully detained by the police in order to give "racial balance" to stop-and-search statistics, a report by the Government's watchdog on terror laws has found. Lord Carlile, the independent reviewer of terrorism legislation, said he knew of cases where suspects were stopped by officers even though there was no evidence or suspicion against them. He warned that police were wasting money by carrying out "self-evidently unmerited searches" which were an invasion of civil liberties and "almost certainly unlawful".

As the terror threat against Britain is largely from Islamist extremists, the figures show disproportionately more Muslims and therefore more Asians being searched than whites. But the peer said police should stop trying to balance the figures, and it may be that an "ethnic imbalance" is a "proportional consequence" of policing. Hat tip Right Truth.
So how long before, the left in Britain start framing white people for crimes they did not commit so that they can put some into jail and thereby tell the Asians (Pakistani muslims) that it's all wonderful, you lot aren't disproportionately represented in jail or something. Yes, I realize that it's a bit far-fetched, but then I didn't think this sort of thing, the profiling and targeting of whites for the sake of it, could happen. If blacks who weren't doing anything wrong were being stopped and searched, the PC-brigade would be braying in the streets and calling for heads to roll.

Would be nice if those in charge could focus on the problem of Islamic extremism, that way there won't be much need for making stuff up and pissing innocent people off, but that's just too simple in this new-age, pc-world of ours isn't it.

The other thing is that, how many that should have been stopped-and-searched were not, for fear of being labeled 'racist', discriminatory and all that. Being politically correct is now more important than national security. Who was it that said, 'better dead than rude'?

Moving on to another part of the world, which seemingly could use a bit of racial profiling, but won't get it.
UPI - One in every four South African men interviewed for a survey admitted having raped at least one woman, the Medical Research Council reported. Almost 8 percent said they had raped 10 or more women and girls. "Understanding Men's Health and Use of Violence: Interface of Rape and HIV in South Africa" involved a survey in the Eastern Cape and KwaZuluNatal provinces. The MRC acknowledged the men questioned were younger than the general population in South Africa, with half under 25 and 70 percent under 30, the U.N. Integrated Regional Information Network said.
The report doesn't say whether those interviewed were white, indian, chinese, pgymies from elsewhere etc, but I think most of you who didn't come down in the last shower would know that if it were any of these racial groups, we'd be told about it, especially if it were whites. The sad thing is that because the media is terrified of naming and shaming the guilty parties, they can escape the judgment and ultimately more women will be raped and their lives ruined.

Assuming that their victims are largely black and female, is that not both racist and sexist?

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