I hope they ban it

News.com.au - FRANCE may introduce a law banning full burqas if a parliamentary commission finds the growing number of women wearing them have been coerced into doing so. Nearly 60 legislators signed a proposal on Wednesday calling for a parliamentary commission to look into the spread of the burqa in France, a garment that they said amounted "to a breach of individual freedoms on our national territory". France, home to Europe's largest Muslim minority, is strongly attached to its secular values and to gender equality, and many see the burqa, which covers the wearer from head to toe and hides her face, as an infringement of women's rights and is increasingly being imposed by fundamentalists.
If you put aside the groveling to muslims, the stupidity and dhimmitude of western leaders, this doesn't even make sense. No other group or people are allowed to walk around with their faces disguised. If you walk out into the street wearing a balaclava or walk into a shopping centre or bank with something covering your face, they'd call security; or in places where people have both brains and balls, they'll pull their guns on you. But not so when it comes to Islam and muslims, they are somehow special and we're all forced to bend and grovel before whatever the heck they come up with.

You can't open a church or carry a bible in some Islamic countries, if you're a Jew or a Christian living in an Islamic country, you'd better be prepared to live as a second-class citizen and be persecuted till the end of your days. There is little-to-no tolerance of your customs or beliefs, yet when they come here in their thousands, we literally fall over ourselves to appease and accommodate. This has got to stop before the western world becomes like every other Islamic shithole on the planet. And if people don't think that Islamic countries are worse than western countries, feel free to shove off there yourself, instead of foisting it all upon us.

Ban the burqa I say, and if they don't like it, then they can leave.

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