Another week of Islamist dominance, violence and bloodshed

FOX News - A truck bomb exploded near a Shiite mosque in northern Iraq following prayers, killing at least 55 people and wounding nearly 200 others, police said. ......Worshippers were leaving the mosque in Taza, 10 miles south of Kirkuk, following noon prayers when the truck exploded, according to police Brig. Gen. Sarhat Qader, who gave the casualty toll. He said the mosque and at least eight nearby houses were demolished and residents were working with rescue teams to search for people buried under the rubble.

UPI - The killing of some 20 Algerian paramilitary policemen in a desert ambush Wednesday by Islamist extremists linked to al-Qaida was a show of force by the jihadists who appear determined to expand their operations across the region and open a new terror front. The ambush was the work of al-Qaida in the Maghreb, the Arabic name for North Africa. It was formerly known as the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, one of the most vicious Islamist groups to emerge from Algeria's civil war throughout the 1990s. It swore allegiance to Osama bin Laden's global network in September 2006.

UPI - At least 19 people were killed Saturday in clashes between police and protesters in Tehran, hospital sources told CNN. CNN said there were unconfirmed reports the death toll was much higher, at least 150. Video posted on the Web showed police using nightsticks, water cannon, tear gas and fire hoses, with some footage of protesters who looked like they had been shot.

Khaleej Times - Prosecutors in Chechnya say they have detained a young man accused of shooting his sister to death in an honor killing. Prosecutors say the young man has confessed to killing his sister with multiple gunshots because of her “immoral behavior.” They said in a statement Saturday that the murder was the latest in a string of killings and disappearances of women in the region. About 30 women aged 18 to 27 have been killed or gone missing since last fall. Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed leader Ramzan Kadyrov said recently that some of the victims were rightfully shot by their male relatives for their “loose morals.”

Khaleej Times - Sixty-seven Filipino men working in Saudi Arabia face jail and lashes for “imitating women” after being arrested at a party in which a number were dressed in drag, a Philippines embassy official said Saturday. Riyadh police arrested all 67 men at a private party and drag show in a resort villa near Riyadh on June 13, Philippines embassy Vice Consul Roussel Reyes told AFP. “They had alcohol and some were dressed up like women,” he said. Both drinking and cross-dressing are forbidden under Saudi Arabia’s conservative Islam-based sharia laws, and both could bring up to six months in prison and lashes. None were charged with homosexual acts, a much more serious charge under Saudi law, Reyes said.

Xinhua - Several armed militants entered the compound of Kandahar University in south Afghanistan Friday and after beheading a student took away another. "The gruesome incident occurred at 11:00 a.m. local time when several unknown armed militants entered the compound while students were enjoying weekly holiday (Friday) in the garden of university and horribly beheaded Mushtaq Ahmad and took away another," Ahmad Shah a student of the university told Xinhua.

Compass Direct - A Cairo judge on Saturday (June 13) rejected an Egyptian convert’s attempt to change his identification card’s religious status from Muslim to Christian, the second failed attempt to exercise constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom by a Muslim-born convert to Christianity. For Maher El-Gohary, who has been attacked on the street, subjected to death threats and driven into hiding as a result of opening his case 10 months ago, Saturday’s outcome provided nothing in the way of consolation.

Compass Direct - Since Iranian native Nasser Ghorbani fled to Turkey seven years ago, he has been unable to keep a job for more than a year – eventually his co-workers would ask why he didn’t come to the mosque on Fridays, and one way or another they’d learn that he was a convert to Christianity. Soon thereafter he would be gone. Never had anyone gotten violent with him, however, until three weeks ago, when someone at his workplace in Istanbul hit him on the temple so hard he knocked him out. When he came back to his senses, Ghorbani was covered in dirt, and his left eye was swollen shut. It hurt to breathe; his whole body was in pain. He had no idea what had happened. “I’ve always had problems at work in Turkey because I’m a Christian, but never anything like this,” Ghorbani told Compass.

Pakistan Daily - ......In restive Bajaur Agency, suspected Taliban blew up two more high schools and a newly constructed higher secondary school in Tehsil Salarzai with high explosive material, 10 km from Khar. Number of the destructed schools in Bajaur Agency has reached 55, locals told Daily Times. In Darra Adam Khel, locals said so far some 27 educational institutions for male and female had been blown up. In Mohmand Agency, Khyber Agency and other tribal regions, some schools have been dynamited recently.

Compass Direct - Egyptian news sources report security forces have wrongly detained two Christians for nearly a month as part of a ruse to cast a Muslim attack on Copts as “sectarian violence.” Violence broke out last month in the village of Toma, near El-Mahalla El-Kubra in the middle of the Nile Delta, when local Muslims attacked Copts who had rescued Nermeen Mitry, 16; Muslims had kidnapped the Coptic girl and tried to convert her to Islam, according to Assyrian International News Agency.

And this is how they repay us if we let them go from our custody.

FOX News - The fate of three of nine foreigners abducted in Yemen last week is known — their bodies were found, shot execution style. The whereabouts of the other six — including three children under the age of 6 — remain a mystery. But terrorism experts say their abductors and killers are almost certainly not a mystery. They say the crimes bear the mark of Al Qaeda, and they fear they are the handiwork of the international terror organization's No. 2 man in the Arabian Peninsula: Said Ali al-Shihri, an Islamic extremist who once was in American custody — but who was released from the U.S. detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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