The religion of peace again

Daily Mail - A Briton kidnapped in Africa has been beheaded by Al Qaeda terrorists demanding the release of radical cleric Abu Qatada from a London jail. The terror group's North African section said on its website that it had killed Edwin Dyer, adding that disbelievers would be 'smitten in the neck'. Gordon Brown said the Government had 'strong reason to believe' the claim. ......Al Qaeda in the Maghreb (AQIM) had threatened to kill Mr Dyer if extremist cleric Abu Qatada was not released from a British high-security prison.
Poor fellow, Lord I hope the bastards didn't make him suffer too much. Such vile, evil scum. If it were up to me, I'd haul ol' Abu out into the main street, put two in the back of his head, then toss his corpse into a pig sty so the pigs can do their thing on him. Then to AQ-Worldwide, listen up camel-humpers, we don't negotiate with scum like you, as for this piece of shit, that's your fault scumbags, you kill one of us, we'll kill one of you.

Unfortunately, that won't happen, the Brits like every other western nation will issue some weasel-words about this being a dastardly act, strongest terms, blah, blah, condemnation and all that. Everyone knows it's all impotent weasel-words, Al-Qaeda won't give a rat's ass and nothing will change. The jihadists will continue killing us and we'll continue deluding ourselves that Islam=peace, terrorism is not a problem, give Jihad a chance, remain civilized and they'll follow our example and Christians are the bigger problem.

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