Losing Iraq?

National Post - A bomb killed at least 72 people on Wednesday at a busy market in eastern Baghdad's Sadr City slum, police said, six days before U.S. combat troops are due to withdraw from Iraqi towns and cities. About 127 people were wounded by the blast in the poor, mostly Shi'ite Muslim area. A witness said the explosion tore through a part of the Mraidi Market where birds are sold, setting stalls ablaze.

Bloodshed has dropped sharply across Iraq in the past year, but militants including Sunni Islamist al Qaeda continue to launch car and suicide bombings aimed at undermining the government and reigniting sectarian conflict. Wednesday's market bombing came four days after the U.S. military formally handed control to local forces in Sadr City, where U.S. and Iraqi forces fought fierce battles against Shi'ite militiamen in the spring of 2008.

I sure hope it doesn't get worse over there, because I think most of us know that Hussein O hasn't got the balls to stand firm and tell the likes of al-qaeda to go to hell. Heck, fresh from his tour of half-truths, out-right lies and ass-polishing in the middle east, he doesn't even have the balls to utter the odd word in support of hope and change in Iran. So I doubt very much that he has the ability to stand up to evil in neighboring Iraq.

Perhaps the muslim terrorists know this and that is why they are stepping things up, they know they'll get carved up by the armed forces of the great Satan, so that's not his weak point. The weak point is the politicians that are in charge of them, none of them have to pick up a gun and dodge RPGs, but they still have no spine. Their leader is Hussein O and so far he's demonstrated that he is more than willing to literally bend over for Islam.

So if they can kill a few thousand in the name of peace, tolerance and love, otherwise known as Islam, while the Americans pull out, they can quite easily claim victory. Who said mass-murder and evil doesn't pay, definitely not Hussein O.

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