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Once again a Leftist has set up a blog specifically designed to "answer" me. See here. It is by "Toaf", a pseudonym for Melbourne tofu enthusiast Damian Doyle.

Toaf used to comment in reply to my posts on this blog but gave that up when I gave him a few zingers by way of rejoinders. His claim that he was married to a "dark-skinned" woman was rather amusing. He seemed to lose his mojo when I pointed out that she was in fact a fair-skinned Chinese woman.

Anyway, his new blog is so far confined to questioning the various occasions when I have pointed out that the perpetrators of violence against Indians in Melbourne have mainly been Africans. What is amusing about that is that he challenged me about that previously -- in a comment on this blog -- and when I promptly gave him a link substantiating the truth of my statement he rather withered.

It seems that he only feels safe talking to fellow Leftists now.

Anyway, I clearly should give him some reply. The first thing to note, of course, is that racial aspects of crime are fiercely covered up in Victoria -- as Andrew Bolt demonstrates. So in those circumstances it is not easy to uncover the truth. And the coverup has become almost watertight this year. Last year, however, the censorship was not so tight so a few links from then: For instance, we read here "an article in the Cranbourne Leader suggesting that transit police believed Sudanese men were responsible for 99% of assaults and armed robberies on two Victorian rail lines" -- which is where most of the attacks on Indians come in. Attacks on Indian Taxi Drivers were mainly African. Africans were said to be so involved in street crime that the police wanted them out of Melbourne. We also read a comment about Africans from a police officer contradicting what the police Commissioner was saying: "They walk around in packs," said an officer who wanted to remain anonymous. "It's a real problem at the moment for us." Note that the attacks on Indians have mostly been pack attacks.

The over-riding thing to note here, however, is that my statements have been designed to circumvent a coverup -- so start out under a big handicap. And if Doyle hasn't noticed how rarely anything is said about the race of those who attack the Indians, he is deliberately blind. And if he HAS noticed, he needs to remember the importance of "the dog that didn't bark" in another Doyle's story: "The Silver Blaze".

Anyway, here are a few more headlines about Africans in Australia that Doyle might like to Google. The Africans have not been here long and there are relatively few of them but they sure have made their mark:

Scarborough brawl an isolated incident: police
Burswood attack costs victim eyesight
Bid to stop cab licence for killer
Customer attacked by machete in Coburg cafe
African gangs assault Melbourne taxi drivers
African gang hunted over Victorian taxi robberies
African gang behind Granville stabbing murder
African gang wanted over stabbing murder
Barbaric third world rituals becoming popular in Australia
African gang attacks woman in Wagga Wagga
African arrested over million dollar net scam
Rwandan invader charged with rape
Police vs Africans - Race tensions boil over in Flemington
African gang terrorizing Melbourne hospital visitors
Racial tensions in Darwin’s African community
African mob attacks Flemington police
Violent attacks scar two for life
Charity worker and wife attacked on Christmas Eve
Islander and African gangs rob people in Newcastle
Robbery, Moorooka
Broad daylight bag snatch
Attempted child abduction in Huntingdale
Appeal for information about alleged assault — Ashfield
Police search for backpacker bashers
Armed robbery, Acacia Ridge
Lone Sydney motorist robbed at gunpoint
Armed robbery
Armed hold-up outside train station
African gang wanted over robbery in Moorooka
16-year-old girl robbed in Runcorn
Man stabbed in Eden Hill
Attempted abduction in Raymond Terrace
Teenage girl escapes abductor
Teenage girl escapes latest snatch bid
Robbery at Perth's Curtin University
Armed African gang in wallet grab
African teen punches elderly volunteer unconcious
African wanted over takeaway robbery
Rock-throwing Africans bash and rob motorist
African assaults girl at Sydney pool
Brutal bashing at Melbourne train station caught on film
Ethnic gangs fuelling fears of a race war
Police seek indecent assault witnesses
Charges soon over murder of Sudanese schoolboy
Another assault at ‘house of horrors’
Sudanese gang grabs woman off street
Sudanese refugee ‘possessed’ when he killed wife
Welcome to Noble Park
Sudanese refugee on visa rapes woman in Toowoomba
Mean streets of Melbourne
Sudanese and Indian taxi drivers brawl at Melbourne airport
Sexual assault & robbery

My personal view is that anybody who comes to Australia as a refugee -- be they black, white or polka-dotted -- should be sent back whence they came if they commit crimes of violence against other residents of the country that has so kindly given them refuge.

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