Leftist scum use capitalism to promote communist evil

Black book of communism [Wiki] - The introduction, by editor St├ęphane Courtois, asserts that "...Communist regimes...turned mass crime into a full-blown system of government". He cites a death toll which totals 94 million, not counting the "excess deaths" (decrease of the population due to lower than the expected birth rate). The breakdown of the number of deaths given by Courtois is as follows:

* 65 million in the People's Republic of China
* 20 million in the Soviet Union[3]
* 2 million in Cambodia
* 2 million in North Korea
* 1.7 million in Africa
* 1.5 million in Afghanistan
* 1 million in the Communist states of Eastern Europe
* 1 million in Vietnam[4]
* 150,000 in Latin America
* 10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international communist movement and communist parties not in power."(p. 4)

But no, that's not enough for the leftist child abusers in Black Pine Circle School, Berkeley, California. Millions upon millions killed by communism, if that's not a definition of pure evil, then I don't know what is. But that won't stop some from yearning to give it another chance, it won't stop them from indoctrinating the children in their care with it either.

FOX News - Symbols of communism and marijuana and a prediction that "capitalism will fail" aren't exactly the sort of end-of-year messages you'd expect from an eighth grader. But that's precisely what some students at the Black Pine Circle School, a private school in Berkeley, Calif., chose to include in their "Class of 2007" mosaic.

The symbols, which are prominently displayed outside the school, have prompted questions about the appropriateness of images like a hammer and sickle and a marijuana leaf on school grounds — and have led critics to say they are blatant proof of political indoctrination of young children.

Black Pine Circle bills itself as a day school where students from kindergarten through eighth grade will be "maximally free of all the 'isms' which pervade most aspects of the world around them: from racism to sexism to the less obvious forms of discrimination," according to its Web site. Capitalism, even if it fails, apparently isn't one of those: Tuition for a 10-month term costs more than $17,000.

They are a private school and apart from the hypocrisy of charging so much in fees, it really beggars belief why parents would choose to pay so much money to send their children to a school that's so full of this evil shit. They must be stupid, because if they had any brains or balls, the vermin would pack up their crap and move off to Russia or something so they can enjoy the vast splendor of the communist utopia they so obviously yearn for.

And to think, these kids will be tomorrow's leaders. One wonders yet again, how many must be slaughtered before the left will give up on communism, 100 million, 500 million, 1 Billion, 5 Billion, how many will it take before they say, look guys, this shit just ain't working?


  1. First of all, Soviet Russia died off almost 20 years ago. Secondly, true Socialism has never been achieved. To achieve true Socialism, it firstly must reach the world, not just a few countries, and secondly, must be controlled by the workers as opposed to the state. Afghanistan? N. Korea? Latin America? C'mon man, can you say, as Uncle Trotsky would, "Degenerated Worker's State"? No? Idiot... Plus, everybody has the right to freedom of speech, idiot! I make totally pro-socialist stuff in art, and most kids in my school are capitalist idiots like you! It's one individual fucking kid! Not the whole school that posted communist symbols on the school mural.

  2. Well fuck you too assmodel, you socialist piece of shit.

  3. "true Socialism has never been achieved"

    I guess they ran out of bullets.


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