Some are far less equal in Britain now

Daily Mail - A grieving son visiting a cathedral to pray for his dead mother was thrown out and then searched by police after staff wrongly staff wrongly thought his shaved head and tattoos meant he was a member of the BNP. ......Officials at the 19th century Cathedral feared he was about to disrupt a BBC Radio 4 broadcast about Jewish concentration camp victim Anne Frank.
So the guy has done nothing, just sitting there and simply because someone, somewhere thought that he might do something, the cops are called and the fellow is manhandled out of the place.

If only the authorities in Britain had the balls to do the same thing to Muslims who were protesting in the streets calling for jihad, the mass murder of Brits and for the ovens to be fired up again.

Imagine some fellow wearing a muslim garb and a bulky jacket walked into an airport clutching the koran and was mumbling gibberish and sweating profusely, if anyone dared to catch him and ask him a few questions, by the time I finished typing this, the PC-brigade would be fighting over each other for a turn to apply their lips to muslim ass. And whoever did this would be fleeing to the amazon jungle to get away from it all.

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